Spring Cleaning For Your Business, Career and Life

I’ve been writing recently about being able to hear the sound of your own voice in amidst the clutter that can fill up our brain space. This month I want to talk about physical clutter and decisions that no longer fit.

I find myself in a stage of my life where we are made starkly aware of big life changes.

My eldest is graduating from University next month. My youngest is graduating from High School. My husband and I often find ourselves rattling around in a house that feels too big for us all of a sudden.

So we’ve been considering selling. 

The reaction when we tell our friends usually falls along the lines of: “But you love that house!” “Your neighbourhood is so fantastic!” and then “You have SO MUCH STUFF! How would you ever get out of there?!?”

And that’s exactly the point. Our house is filled with things we no longer use. We bought a house for growing children and big family gatherings. So much of our family have moved away and the kids are halfway gone…. So what is a decision that fits TODAY? What kind of house would we choose today, if we were making that decision now, vs. 18 years ago when we bought the house?

wording less stuff more happiness

Regardless of our decision (we’re still waffling) we have begun the exercise of decluttering and clearing away things we haven’t used or even looked at in years.

This includes our home offices – communication plans from 1994? (yup, I still have some!) The budget-briefing document from 1997? How about that award-winning community fund-raising campaign from 2014? – beautifully documented in a binder that I really don’t need to look at anymore.

It is SO FREEING to rid myself of things that no longer fit my life today, and make decisive choices from here on out for our current future, vs. our past.

Let’s take this further – what would spring cleaning for your business or career mean?

Spring cleaning for a business can be a great way to refresh and reorganize your space and systems for the rest of the year. Here are seven things you could do to clear out what no longer is needed and refresh your strategy going forward:

Spring cleaning your desk

1. Declutter your workspace

Get rid of any unnecessary papers, files, and supplies that are taking up space and not being used. This will help you be more organized and efficient inside and out! Clutter often consists of decisions that need to be made. Making those decisions will free up your mind for more important decisions and challenges.

2. Review your financials

Take a close look at your finances to see where you can cut costs and improve profits. Consider whether you need to adjust your budget or pricing strategy. Are you making the money you thought you would be? It’s almost mid-year – make sure your financial plans are on track. If not, make some necessary changes.

3. Evaluate your marketing strategy

Analyze your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not. Determine if you need to update your website, social media profiles, or other marketing materials. Marketing methods change so frequently that what you decided was a good marketing plan two years ago, may no longer be effective.

4. Assess your product offering

Are your program and product offerings still working? Do you have ideas for a new program that would be more effective than one you may need to retire? Keeping your products fresh is a great way to invite repeat customers.

5. Review your team

Evaluate your staff and determine if there are any changes you need to make. This could include hiring new employees, providing additional training, or restructuring your team. Is there someone on your team who you are delaying making a difficult decision about? If you don’t have a full team of rockstars, than the outliers need to go.

6. Update your technology

Consider upgrading your software or hardware to improve efficiency and productivity. This could include updating your computers, investing in new software, or implementing new tools. Every time I turn around there seems to be a new app or program that can increase efficiency. Just in the past two years I’ve started using: Lastpass, Dubsado, Stripe, Clickup, SmarterQueue, and now Zapier. Each one of these programs saves me valuable time.

Plan ahead sticky note

7. Plan for the future:

Take some time to reflect on your business goals and make a plan for the future. This could include setting new objectives, creating a strategic plan, or developing new products or services. In fact, every June I hold a mid-year planning review. I have one coming up on June 16th. It’s a great time to review your plans and make sure you’re on track for the remainder of the year. You can find out more about this next CEO day and find out more and register here.

Overall, spring cleaning for your business is a great way to get organized, improve your operations, and set yourself up for success in the coming year. Let’s move out the old and embrace the new. You’ll feel lighter, more empowered and energized by the shift.

To your Aligned Success!





P.S. Need help clearing the noise from your mind? Connect with me for a complimentary strategy session to help you listen to the sound of your own voice again.

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