For too many women, building a business means
figuring everything out on your own.

That’s why we’ve created the Express Your Business program—an empowering experience that combines focused planning, program creation, marketing development, and a confidence-boosting community.

With this program, discover your “why” and learn the “how” with our proven roadmap to success, specifically tailored for new business owners like you!

Your business growth doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor…

By joining Express, you will:

  • Build a business you genuinely love
  • Develop your authentic personal and business brand that’s in complete alignment with who you are
  • Build your confidence to share your business with the world and make your mark
  • Attract and connect with new clients you adore working with
  • Plan ahead, no more stress and scrambling at the last minute

There’s a lot of content out there for new entrepreneurs to learn today…

The idea that “learn this now” and “you need THIS” to succeed and “sign up for my course and make your first 100K in six weeks” hype can be overwhelming.

Don’t you wish you could shut off the noise and be delivered the real goods? Good grief.

What I know (sorry to be bearer of bad news) is a realistic approach, based on your personal truth, the transformation you want for your clients and the lifestyle you want to live, all inform your personal definition of success. And nothing beats good commitment and hard work – there’s no quick fix, there are tangible solutions – and I’m the business coach that will always have your back.

I know you’re overwhelmed, don’t know where to turn, and want to start making money NOW. I’m here to help. Trust me, you will make the money when you first do the foundational behind-the-scenes work that I believe all new solopreneurs need to do. And then, you’ll be off to the races in no time.

Once you join EXPRESS

You'll Experience...

Clarity of thought and message
Communication skills to share them with the world
Knowledge of how to design that first program or offer
The basic skills you need to get those first clients in the door

Here’s what you’ll receive with


18 Business Building Lessons

Navigate the overwhelm with our Proven Road Map to Marketing Success

This is where we get your business marketing ready. It’s the “non-sexy” stuff that no one wants to talk about. And it’s ESSENTIAL to your success. Otherwise you’ll just spend money on websites and tools and coaches who say they can help you – and they maybe can – but you need to know this first.

Business Coaching program online

Downloadable Worksheets & Printables

Scaling a business requires strategic long-term planning

As a communications professional at heart, I can’t stop at the “coaching” piece – I need to provide you with tools and a process to get you and your business where you want to be. For almost every module I’ve designed worksheets for you to implement the learnings of each session and make them applicable to you. And not to fear, we’re always a message or coaching call away from that extra support.

Plus our Amazing Community

You're Just a Click Away from Support

Aligned Business Collective Community

Private + Optional. You’re never far away from your community of like-minded entrepreneurs waiting to support and celebrate you! These women are wise and generous. In fact, in combination with coaching and knowledge-sharing, our community is second to none. These women often stay connected for years to come. 

Team work

If you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off your fellow classmates, jump into the Community. That’s what we’re here for!

Come mingle, share a win, ask for help or keep up with the latest.

You’ll find me regularly active in the community as I share motivational content and guidance to our amazing members.

Where will you be in 6-months if you have
a map to follow and a community
to help
you thrive?

What can you create?
How much will you grow?

Building a business you love starts with
learning the right strategies for you,
making the best decisions,
taking the right actions and
surrounding yourself with the right people.

We want that for you and
can’t wait to see you and
celebrate all the success you generate on the inside.

Meet Your Mentor

I care deeply about the success of business owners designing, building and creating their life and their business on their own terms. I’ve poured my 30 years of communications and business-building expertise into this program and harness the power of guest experts, and a committed community to bring you the best and most current knowledge to build your dream – your dream business – so you can do your dream work and live the life you long for. Join us, won’t you?

To your success, in business and in life,
Susan Elford,
APR, CPCC, PCC. Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, PR Strategist

I’d love to welcome you to our community

Express is a comprehensive 6-month self-study experience designed for start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs.

By the end of the program, you can expect to have a defined vision for your success, developed compelling programs and offers, mastered your sales conversations, obtained essential marketing tools, and implemented a strategy to get clients in the door.

Express includes:

  • 18 Business Building Lessons covering; message clarity, marketing, sales, what success looks like for you and how to develop programming that attracts your ideal client.
  • Downloadable Worksheets to support your learning and implementation.
  • Private Aligned Business Collective Community where I share motivational content and guidance to our members and you enjoy the support of a loving community equally devoted to your success.

We can’t wait to welcome you…


Instant access to the
Training Program and Community
for 6-months

One Time Payment of $497
6 payments of $99
CAD plus tax


Everything in EXPRESS plus access
to the next CEO Day and a monthly
Facilitated 3-Hour Coworking Session
with peers!

One Time Payment of $997
6 Payments of $199
CAD plus tax

What’s a CEO Day?

A day to focus solely on tasks that move the needle forward. A time to put your CEO hat on and work on the internal projects that will grow your business and help you hit your big goals. These take it one step further because they are guided around three specific topics in a community environment so you get peer support and take away new skills while moving that all-important needle!


What’s the Monthly Implementation Session?

Once a month we take a pause from the learning to make sure you are implementing your ideas,”a-ha’s” and transformation as we go along. A 3-hour group co-working session. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves as each step in this process is important. Make sure you attend your monthly Implementation Session – to keep your momentum going.

This is your chance

to jumpstart your business with clarity and excitement,
plus lock in this rate for as long as you’re a member!

So if you’re ready to get clear and get in action,
then it’s time to join Express!

18 business building lessons
Downloadable worksheets
Private Aligned Business Collective Community

I’d be honoured to have you with us.

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