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How The New Year Is Like A Bend in the Road

How The New Year Is Like A Bend in the Road

You have to Slow Down Before You Can Speed Up Again. You can picture it. You’re driving down the highway. The pavement is dry, the sun is out and it’s a great driving day! You’ve got some tunes on the radio and you’re singing along. You’re in cruise control. And for...

Meet Susan

Hi! I’m Susan. Leadership Coach. PR Strategist. Community Builder. Family Adventurer. I love life. Love my family. Love my work and love to travel. And I’ve never been very good at taking “no” for an answer. I’ve never been very good at sitting back and making choices about what I wanted to spend my time on, because quite frankly, I wanted it all. How could I have a fulfilling career and personal life too, without giving anything up?

These are choices that women, in particular, seem to have to make every day. How can we have a fulfilling career and a dynamic family life? How can we figure out what should be our priorities so what’s most important to us doesn’t suffer? How can we admit – out loud – that sometimes our achievements at work do mean more to us than our family, while often we will choose family over work? How can we build successful careers in the face of equally achieving spouses, children and big life choices?
It’s called Balance. It’s called figuring out our priorities, confidently living our lives, creating careers and building businesses that serve us. It’s called having it all at the same time. Is it possible? I’m here to tell you that YES it is!

Meet Susan. She’s a career-loving, family-centred, community-building Mom who would love to coach you to your truest answers to help you build that career, that business, that life that you know is possible for you.

Join me on my journey to build a deeply satisfying life.


Strategic Public Relations connects businesses and organizations to their clients, customers and investors by building effective relationships with them. A good communications and public relations strategy will ensure an organization’s goals are being met, in part, because they have built effective ways to communicate with their audiences.

Susan formed Elford Communications in early 2003, shortly after resigning from her corporate communications role in a major international energy company, in an effort to achieve more work/life balance for her young family while still meeting her desire to build effective communication programs for organizations so that their voices could be heard and their strengths celebrated.

Today, Elford Communications focuses its 25 years of experience on serving the small business owner and not-for-profit organization as Susan and her team mentors, teaches and leads its clients to creating public relations programs that showcase their strengths and build their reputations.

Are you an organization that wants to be heard? Learn how you can benefit from Elford Communications’ suite of services.


  • DYK that Canada could add $150 billion in incremental GDP in 2026 or see a 0.6 percent increase of annual GDP growth by advancing gender equality? I've seen far too many women given the short end of the proverbial wage stick in my many years in corporate and business. Read...
  • Rarely do plants (or a business) flower by accident. They need continual love, attention, and nourishment so they will grow and be successful. Check out the five key steps I believe you need to help your business blossom in the link in bio. . . . #accelerateyourbusiness #womanentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #yyc #calgary #businessdevelopment #startup #mindset #empoweredwomenempowerwomen...
  • You may think PR is for big brands and deep pockets but, the truth is, PR can ACTIVATE! the potential of YOUR small business with little to no budget. It actually took me awhile to realize that what I was intuitively doing in my business to create repeatable success and...
  • Sometimes all it takes is a bit of a refresh to update it – think of it as those 80s clothes coming back in style. Not exactly what they used to look like, but there’s lots of good to integrate into an updated version that speaks to people today. Or maybe...
  • “Imposter syndrome," or doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud at work, is a diagnosis often given to women. I hear it all the time in my coaching business. Women come to me with this idea that they are "imposters" in the workplace. One client just this week had...
  • Much has changed since the pandemic. The world of work has changed. Economic opportunity has shifted. People, organizations and workplaces the world over are making shifts in how they do things. It makes perfect sense that your desires and preferences may be shifting too. There is an opportunity to make a change when it...
  • Hey Small Business Owners! One thing some entrepreneurs believe is when I am “X” successful, I won’t have to market anymore. I hate to break it to you that even the most successful entrepreneurs have to schedule time for marketing. Always be marketing and you’ll always have clients! One way...
  • The key thing that can cause overwhelm is the lack of clarity about what’s most important. What decision needs to be made first, second and third? What are the consequences of your potential decisions? Who should you take into account? How will it impact others? How will it impact YOU? Learn how lack of clarify can...
  • Connect with impact-driven women who understand your passion and your challenges is what we call becoming powered by community. Learn how the Align Retreat, coming in early 2022, will help you revisit and recalibrate your big life decisions. Link in bio. . . . #alignretreat #accelerateyourbusiness #womanentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #yyc #calgary #startup #mindset #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #accelerateyou #CEO...
  • If I had read this quote in my mid-20s, I would have barely slowed down enough to read it. Yoga? Who's got time? I was literally always on the "run." Literally and figuratively. Building my career, packing in social engagements and making sure I got in my daily work-out. Fast-forward 20...

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