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Meet Susan

Hi! I’m Susan. Leadership Coach. PR Strategist. Community Builder. Family Adventurer. I love life. Love my family. Love my work and love to travel. And I’ve never been very good at taking “no” for an answer. I’ve never been very good at sitting back and making choices about what I wanted to spend my time on, because quite frankly, I wanted it all. How could I have a fulfilling career and personal life too, without giving anything up?

These are choices that women, in particular, seem to have to make every day. How can we have a fulfilling career and a dynamic family life? How can we figure out what should be our priorities so what’s most important to us doesn’t suffer? How can we admit – out loud – that sometimes our achievements at work do mean more to us than our family, while often we will choose family over work? How can we build successful careers in the face of equally achieving spouses, children and big life choices?
It’s called Balance. It’s called figuring out our priorities, confidently living our lives, creating careers and building businesses that serve us. It’s called having it all at the same time. Is it possible? I’m here to tell you that YES it is!

Meet Susan. She’s a career-loving, family-centred, community-building Mom who would love to coach you to your truest answers to help you build that career, that business, that life that you know is possible for you.

Join me on my journey to build a deeply satisfying life.


  • Today is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It's an opportunity to learn, uplift and support the indigenous community. One way of doing that is to shop local – not just today, but year round! From food to clothing and jewellery – take a look at these Calgary-based indigenous-owned businesses...
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  • No great leaders achieved success without first having a vision – an idea, a dream of what they would like to see come true. This is the same for any success you dream of having in your life or in your business. You must start with a vision… A dream… that...
  • Is it time to take your business to the next level? Perhaps you’ve replaced your corporate income by now or have plateaued at a level you’d rather not disclose. What you know is you need to do something differently if you’re going to reach that next level of success. You...
  • When was the last time you took enough time just for you so you could connect with what is calling you next? If you are like most women, probably never. Most of us never do it and those who do, don’t do it enough. It’s how many of us come to wake...
  • I recently received the conference summary for The Art of Leadership for Women event held here in Calgary this past in June. Take a look at the concepts presented by their thought leaders and how insights can help you model new behaviour, increase team performance, and positively impact your organization's culture....
  • The Aligned Business Collective gets back in action this month after a break for August. This group of women committed to designing their new business and setting it up for success meet every two weeks. Tap the link in bio to learn more! Stay tuned for more exciting information about a...
  • Here are my seven secrets to ensure that even the “always on” entrepreneur takes some time to “turn off”: 1️⃣ Book it 2️⃣ Let your clients know 3️⃣ Put an “out of office” message on your email 4️⃣ Post lots of happy photos of your holiday 5️⃣ Be ruthless with your time 6️⃣ Disconnect to recharge 7️⃣...
  • Read my latest blog post (link in bio) for six reasons why you should consider hiring a business coach. . . . #blog #blogger #business #coach #businesscoach #CEO #businessowner #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner

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