Re-imagine Your Life.
Re-inspire Yourself.

Revisit and Recalibrate Your Big Life Decisions
and Put Yourself Back into the Equation

May 4-7th 2023, Canmore, AB

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Decisions might not be feeling easy right now.

You’re sensing a gap between who you are, and the life you truly want to live.
Something is standing in your way of taking that right next step and moving into your next big thing — the ambitious, Big Adventure that’s calling you in your career, business, or life.

What’s the right move?
What’s the wrong move?
What will others think if you really go for it?
…and it doesn’t work out?

It’s time to get away from all the noise and get back to your OWN voice.

To go from stuck and exhausted to re-fueled, re-invigorated, and ready to confidently chart your own path.

Welcome to the Align Retreat.

The Align Retreat is for the
ambitious woman who is craving
a bigger vision for her life and work.

Get clear on your bigger vision and Work to Do in the world, so you can create a deeply-aligned career or business – a life – that fulfills you.

Because, when you’re an Aligned Woman, people are drawn to support you. 

It’s like a magical sweet spot appears and you suddenly find yourself in flow again. 

We’ll help you connect the dots between your life’s purpose, your next big leap, and your future work and impact. You will:

Rediscover Yourself & Develop Your Alignment Equation

What matters now? Your aligned priorities and desires evolve with you and it’s time to rediscover your values, your purpose, yourSELF.

Become a Courageous & Aligned Decision-Maker

This takes clarity and confidence, healthy boundaries, and breaking free from the “success persona” that has you living by the rules of others!

Meet Your New Support Network of Uplifting Women

You won’t stay stuck and unmotivated for long around here! The power of claiming what you want in community creates a shift you can’t turn back from.

Declare and Claim What’s Next for You

Three gorgeous days of deep clarity, big vision, and honest connection.

May 05-07 2023 in Canmore, AB

All while building new friendships and experiencing the uplifting support of like-minded women!

The Align Retreat is built upon Inspiring Connection… because surrounding yourself with the right people who believe in you is a non-negotiable part of creating the life you want.

Connecting with impact-driven women who understand your passion and your challenges is what we call becoming powered by community.
The results are astounding.

My Vision for the Align Retreat was inspired by a big retreat I took myself on years ago when I removed myself from my everyday environment and immersed myself in a different space, with different people, and re-connected with what was most important to me. What emerged was a bolder, braver, more aligned version of myself. This is what I have created for my community of professional women who are seeking to be re-inspired or re-aligned with their work and life. This upscale experience is designed to pamper, nourish and spark your soul. I hope you love it.  

Susan Elford

The Venue

The Town of Canmore is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada to live, work and play! Opening out across the floor of the Bow River Valley and flanked on all sides by the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore offers the best of all possible worlds. Beginning with an enviable geographic location approximately an hour and a half from downtown Calgary and five minutes from Banff National Park’s east gate, Canmore offers not only a spectacular location but unequalled outdoor recreational opportunities, great food, and great shopping in the heart of some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

The Align Retreat made such a difference in my life. On a personal level, I felt heard. Sharing space with Susan and the other women who shared their wisdom provided connection and a feeling of “ I am not alone” with my experiences. On a professional level, the teachings enabled me to really focus on what is important.  Oftentimes our calendar controls our day but the tools I took away from this weekend put me back in the driver’s seat.

Keeping with the theme of regaining control, it enabled me to prioritize time for what is important to me and not be apologetic for it. One of the best parts was the connection to these amazing women that made the weekend so enjoyable. We immediately felt comfortable with each other which created an opportunity for honest and heartfelt conversations. As the retreat wound down I felt sad as I didn’t want to say goodbye. Many of us felt that way and I am grateful to Susan for her creativity and supplements to the program enabling that connection to last even longer.

I am now happier because I focus my efforts on activities that align with my values.  And when there isn’t alignment or something doesn’t feel quite right, I now have the tools to step back, assess and decide. And sometimes that decision is a No but it is based on knowing what aligns with me. It’s not for anyone else. Overall the weekend was invaluable.  Susan has created a real gem with this one!!!!

Cheralee Rutledge

B Comm, CA, Calgary , AB

The Align Retreat did exactly what it promised, it aligned and helped me balance my business and personal objectives in my mind and allowed me to apply both in practice to my everyday life. Since the Align Retreat, I’ve gotten better at boundary-setting, saying no and being less of an obliger to everyone around me.

Being around all the amazing women was absolutely incredible, uplifting and I felt more supported than ever.

Dakota Kidby

Principal, Social Centric & Co, Calgary, AB

“Susan has many incredible gifts – she can perfectly articulate what you’re trying to say, she asks all the right questions, and she respectfully and gently pushes you to discomfort. It’s truly an awakening experience and once you set your intentions, watch out! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Susan’s compassion, coaching and program. I am at peace.”

Veronica Groat

Senior Communications Advisor, Calgary, AB

I hired Susan and we began our BD coaching experience April 1st. Since this time, I have had weekly coaching that keeps me moving forward with support, wisdom, resources, and a fun-loving approach as I launch my new business for the Fall 2022. I also was offered the opportunity to do her Align Retreat and this was profound for me. To be in Canmore where nature was abounding, surrounded by ten successful, vulnerable and ambitious women was truly magical. I learned so much about myself and got to see how I can step into my “business women” title. Determining my value strings was so powerful: Courageous Authenticity; Sacred Home: Body, Actual Home, and Nature; Holistic Health and Wholehearted Servitude. These are my guiding posts. I look forward to our 6-7 month journey together and what it will offer during this time and thereafter. Thanks Susan for being remarkable at what you do!

Carolyn Smith

Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Calgary, AB

Have we met?

I’m Susan Elford.

Leadership Coach, Business & Community Leader, Communications Mentor
Also: lover of big family gatherings, adventures, and the outdoors (definitely, the outdoors!)

 I have a vision: A world filled with happy people – especially women – and I mean actually happy!

Where women are free from the old way (the shoulds), and define success by their own standards.

But I also understand that true authenticity and alignment is, well… hard. 

When you’re ambitious and career-loving, outward success comes easy. 

It’s not hard to work hard, to say the right things, and get it done. 

But it’s not going to make you happy. 

That approach makes you successful on the outside

But it also makes you disconnected from yourself, what you truly want, and your profound purpose in life.

 Now that you’re ready to live a courageously aligned life, it’s time to break out of this “success persona” and reinspire yourself by letting THE REAL YOU run the show!

Step into a bigger vision for yourself as an unapologetically ambitious, aligned decision maker.

You know your purpose and talents intersect in a big and ambitious way.

You don’t really want to settle for what’s ‘comfortable’.

You’re done getting in your own way, procrastinating, comparing, and ruminating in self-doubt.

And you want support to put yourself out there, stop holding yourself back, and to authentically advocate for yourself and your deepest desires.

Feeling alone, unsupported, indecisive, and stuck is over.

And a Boldly Aligned Life
that Amplifies Your Impact… is now!

Let’s discover how to make an impact with your Work to Do. 

Let’s celebrate all of YOU

Join us now, or keep reading for more details about your next BIG adventure!

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