Is it Time to Claim
What’s Next For YOU?

The Align Retreat is for the
ambitious woman who is craving
a bigger vision for her life and work.

PLEASE NOTE: With in-person gathering restrictions in place due to the global health pandemic, The Align Retreat for 2020 has been postponed. 

Women are ‘givers’ – to borrow a word coined by The Nagoski Sisters in their recent book Burnout. And as givers, we give and we give and we give until we give some more.

One day, after all this giving, we may wake up and say: “Wait a second, while I was busy giving, I lost sight of what I most want for me. Don’t I get a say?”

Sometimes, we don’t even recognize the life we are currently living. We layer on choice after choice – often with others in mind, people we love mind you, but even that can get old.

The Align Retreat is inspired by the body of work I designed called The Personal Balance Equation™ which was — until now, only offered through private coaching with me — and guides the client through three key steps to find the perfect equation for her life or business. Through this coaching program, the client:

    1. Uncovers what’s most important to her,
    2. Takes a deep dive into her personal gifts,
    3. Comes away with an understanding of what she was put on this earth to do

The balancing — or aligning – of these key elements, forms her Personal Balance Equation™.
I can help you discover yours.

Introducing The Align Retreat

The Align Retreat is designed for the successful, creative, career and business-loving woman looking for time and space away from life distractions, to get clear about what she REALLY wants next for her life and her work, outside of the decisions she’s made to this point.

She is feeling called to fully claim what’s next for her or to finally figure out what that is.

The Align Retreat is the opportunity to do exactly that! 

The magic of this intimate, powerful retreat over four days happens at The Crossing at Ghost River.

This luxurious retreat centre is about an hour outside Calgary, near Cochrane, Alberta, with 27 individually appointed rooms, each with their own private bath, our own private chef for the weekend, in-house fitness facility, walking trails and private conference areas – some with wood-burning fireplaces.

I have partnered with a yoga & meditation guide for the weekend as well who will offer yoga as a part of our retreat agenda. Our conference will sell-out at 15 registrants to ensure our experience is intimate and powerful.


Get Ready to Reflect, Affirm and Renew!


As a part of the conference program we will dig deep into what makes you, YOU! With this knowledge we will make decisions from here. Often my clients are surprised by what they unearth during this coaching time.


You may be relieved to know that you will affirm many of the choices you have made to this point and know they are aligned with you. There may be some tweaking involved; there may be some radical shifts. This retreat will ensure you emerge ALIGNED with the best life and work or business choices for you.


A renewed vision, a renewed spirit, a renewed YOU! By the end of the weekend, the goal is for you to be refreshed, energized and ready for what lies ahead with more clarity and conviction than when you arrived.

When you fully claim the vision you KNOW lies within reach, something magical happens. A shift happens deep inside that sparks you to take action when you didn’t know it was possible. This shift happens on a cellular level that I can’t explain.

But what I do know, is the combined power of community, of making the commitment to take the time out of your busy schedule and saying out loud what you most want, will create a shift that you can’t turn back from.

The ALIGN Retreat, is designed to do all this and more. You will emerge feeling refreshed, refocused, renewed, and best of all, ALIGNed with your spirit – aligned with YOU.

The Align Retreat Details

WHEN:  Thursday, October 1, 2020 – Sunday, October 4, 2020. 

Check-in:                           5:00-7:00 pm on Thursday, October 1
Welcome Reception:       7:00 pm on Thursday, October 1
Closing & Goodbye’s:      2:00 pm on Sunday, October 4

Draft program can be viewed > here. 

WHERE: The Crossing at Ghost River, Cochrane, Alberta –about an hour northwest of Calgary. Just far enough away. 

In addition to the full program designed and led by Certified Leadership Coach and Experienced Business Builder Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC, your investment includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation (October 1-4) in a cozy private room, 
  • delicious meals prepared for you by the on-site chef,
  • daily yoga and movement breaks, 
  • a vision-boarding workshop to tangibly crystallize your ideas, and
  • plenty of free time for resting, reading, walking, chatting, and dreaming.

INVESTMENT: Registration for this three night, four day weekend is:

$1950 extra-early bird or 6 monthly payments of $325 (until April 30th)
$2250 early bird (until June 30th)
$2450 full rate. GST is additional.
*Buddy Passes available to new clients. Want to bring a friend? You both can enjoy $200 off your investment
** Are you a current client? Inquire about current client rates.

All food, beverage, accommodation, program, fitness, yoga and vision board supplies are included.

BONUS GROUP COACHING: A 90 minute pre-retreat video-conference to meet each other, set the stage and answer your questions. Wednesday, September 23, 11:00AM – 12:30PM, MST.

There are 2 ways to secure your spot: Invest in full now, or make six equal payments of $325.

To start registration or to explore if this is the right fit for you, please email

The ALIGN Retreat’s Yoga instructor and Mindfulness & Meditation Guide is Sara Hiebert.

These practices are a key part of Sara’s own Personal Balance Equation, and she teaches them in corporate spaces, schools, and privately. Sara also teaches at Alberta Yoga College (Mondays at 6pm), and practices on her own (& with her Labradoodle, Alton) regularly.

During the ALIGN retreat, Sara will lead yoga sessions and Mindfulness practices, as well as do her own work alongside participants in all of Susan’s sessions.

Follow Sara on Instagram @thegoddessnetwork or check out her website

I’m Hosting The Align Retreat to give women
the space they need to breathe, to think and
to confidently claim their best next step.

I’ve never been very good at taking “no” for an answer, or making choices, or giving anything up – ever. And there was a time when I had trouble figuring out how to align my choices so I was true to my work, true to my family, and – most importantly – true to me.

So I designed a process that guided me to my answers, and it can guide you to yours as well.

The result is often astounding. Where women find themselves:

  • re-energized in their careers,
  • re-focused in their creative pursuits,
  • and happily achieving the life they want to lead… on their own terms.

I love helping women to get real about their strengths and celebrate and promote them so they get more of what they want: success at work; success in business & success in life!

If you found your way here, you may be…

  • Very successful in your working world but tired of the sacrifice you have to make in your personal life to make that success an ongoing reality.
  • Giving things up for your family – maybe a little too much. You wouldn’t trade them for the world of course, but isn’t it time to put a bit of YOU back into that life of yours?
  • Craving more – but don’t know where you could fit in one more thing, or even what that one thing would be.
  • Wondering how you can work or build your career without sacrificing relationships with the people closest to you.
  • Going through the motions. You have a routine and a rhythm, and you have undoubtedly already experienced much success. But something more is calling you now. What is it? You may not be sure what, you just know your life could be a little happier – and you may find yourself questioning – Is this it?

Envision what’s next for you…

Think about how YOU define success.

Success is very personal. Nobody gets to decide what success looks like for you, except you.

You can have the life/career/business you dream of – in fact, you may already have it and are wondering what’s next NOW?

Let’s lay the groundwork together, envision your potential futures and claim the best one for you today.

Let’s put that time in your calendar now, time for you to listen to your own still, small voice that’s inside you, waiting to be heard. I can’t wait to see you there!

To start registration or to explore if this is the right fit for you, please email

Event Host, Susan Elford…

Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC is a Leadership Coach, Business Builder and Community Leader who is at her best when bringing women together in community to build meaningful and purposeful careers and businesses.

Her career as a PR Strategist for the past 27 years saw Susan serving at the highest levels of corporations, governments and not-for-profit organizations, with 18 of those years as the President of Elford Communications, her PR Consultancy.

As a certified Leadership Coach since 2015, Susan works 1:1 and in group with professional women and business builders as they navigate the growth of their successful careers and businesses, on their own terms.

The Align Retreat is her latest offering to this community. In her volunteer work, Susan is the Founder and President of Lean in Calgary, Canada’s latest addition to the global network of Lean in Leaders.

Susan is wife to Rod and mother to Amanda and Kate, their two teenage daughters. Together they travel the world, ski mountains in the winter and enjoy waterfront time in the summer.

Susan Elford

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