Instead of adding to your to-do list, put yourself on it.

Have you ever been in a place where you wanted to scream, “Stop the world I want to get off!?!”

That place of frustration, perhaps even panic, and very likely burn-out?

That place that today perhaps looks like deciding what to reengage with after a long period of isolation, a surprising sense of fatigue from adding in the daily commute and more in-person gatherings, Zoom fatigue – still Zoom fatigue and a sense of still not really being able to plan because Covid wave….what number are we at now?

So what do you do if you are feeling the need to press pause and examine what’s next for you but you have no idea how you’ll fit it in?

The simple reality is we never “find” time, we make time.

Nobody is “too” busy. It’s a matter of awareness and priorities.

So let’s explore a few ways you can realistically carve out more you-time.

I’ve put together 5 things you can think about and do:

1. Examine your priorities 

Question for you – when is the last time you examined what your priorities are? And, whether or not your priorities reflect what matters most to you, right now?

Priorities change and if their evolution goes unnoticed, boundaries begin to break down and we become bound by the routine of each day.

Often, a great place to sort this through is to consider the people, places, circumstances and things you’ve been tolerating.

2. Identify what you are tolerating

Removing life’s little annoyances can free up a lot of time, energy and mental focus.

But what if that’s not enough to pave the way for feeling grounded and balanced and most of all feeling excited (again) about what’s next for you?

“You can’t make a move of any kind if you feel weighed down, confused, or unbalanced.” – Maria Shriver

3.  Clear the clutter

Maria Shriver, in her Sunday paper, said “Clearing out my physical space allows me to pave way for clearing out my emotional space. It helps me see what’s right in front of me so that I can ask myself, “What do I really want in my life? What can I remove, so that I can make room?”

How can you simplify, streamline, and clear out what isn’t serving you any longer so you can focus on what matters most?

4. Pay Attention

How many times has someone asked you “How was your day?” and you struggle to remember how your day actually unfolded? You can’t quite recall the specifics. You’re drawing a blank. It was – just… another… day.

You KNOW in your bones there’s more to life than this – and, it’s no wonder the changes you crave feel lightyears away.

So are you ready to snap out of the robotic doldrums of the day to day routine? It’s not going to happen by accident…

You’ve got to become actively present, paying attention, bearing witness, taking note of how you feel and what is true.

5. Retreat to reflect, align, and renew… 

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

When was the last time you took enough time just for you so you could connect with what is calling you next?

If you are like most women, probably never. Most of us never do it and those who do, don’t do it enough.

It’s how many of us come to wake up one morning, with what possibly looks on the outside like the perfect life, wondering how we got there.

And you might even find yourself questioning if it’s really what you want?

But wait! Before you take any drastic measures, I implore you: take some time for yourself to listen to your heart a little closer, so that you can make informed decisions.

One way you can do that is through participating in a multi-day retreat, away from your daily to-do list, on the periphery of your regular life, fully immersed in an experience designed from beginning to end, to invite you to listen to your own calling.

Far too often when we are feeling called to claim what’s next, we fill our lives with more trying to fill the void that craving creates.

Instead of adding to your to-do list, put yourself on it, and give yourself space to feel, see, and listen to what you really want.

Your inner voice will tell you who you are and what matters most but not if the noise around you is too loud or you’re too busy to listen.

I designed The ALIGN Retreat to do exactly that.

And what’s more, you will feel refreshed, refocused, renewed, and best of all, ALIGNed with your spirit – aligned with you.

What’s your next best path to feeling like YOU again? I can hardly wait to find out.

If this is speaking to you and you’d like to learn more about The ALIGN Retreat, now updated for 2023, you can find out all the info and the link to register, here.

To your success, in business, in your career, and in life,

Susan Elford

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