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CEO Days are where you focus solely on tasks that move the needle forward. It’s a time to put your CEO hat on and work on the internal projects that will grow your business and help you hit your big goals. My CEO days go one step further because they are guided around three specific topics in a community environment so you get peer support and take away new skills while moving the needle!

Are you ready to level up?

Is this you?

  • You are a solo business owner with competing priorities and sometimes don’t know what to focus on first, second, or even third to move your business forward in a real way.
  • You can get overwhelmed in your business, and you don’t have a clear sense of direction for your best next moves.
  • Time is slipping away from you, and you are not accomplishing as much as you would like.
  • You work better in a group environment where someone is holding you accountable to drive results.
  • You are missing out on clients because you are not organized and don’t have the right processes in place.
  • You are not paying attention to all areas of your business.
  • You find yourself repeatedly procrastinating about things you know need to be done but just can’t find the time to do.
  • Taking time out for strategic planning would help; you just can’t find the time.
  • You would love to see other people’s faces who get the challenges of running a small business.
  • You know that now is the time for you to do something different.
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Come join Susan Elford and her community of committed business owners for three seperate full days away from the busyness of working IN your business, to work ON your business for some focused time.

Why You Need These CEO Days

    Friday, December 8th 2023; 11am – 5pm MST

    Come join Susan Elford and her community of committed business owners for a full day away from the busyness of working IN your business, to work ON your business for some focused time. You will come away with:

      • A celebration of what went well in 2023
      • Where you are with your business targets for the year. (Don’t worry if you didn’t create any, we’ll do that for 2024 together.)
      • A blue sky vision for your intentions for 2024.
      • What success looks like for the next year.
      • Develop your over-arching THEME for 2024 – what will drive your growth and ground your success for next year?
      • What do you need to set up now to look back on 2024 with pride?
      • Making some smart business decisions to move your business forward
      • Don’t show up like a deer in the headlights when 2024 starts. A key success strategy is to be intentional about the year ahead. Let’s ensure 2024 is done right and lay the groundwork now for a fantastic 2024.

    You’ll leave this CEO Day with a blueprint to create a clear, actionable plan that turns your intentions into attainable goals. This is more than just a workshop; it’s the beginning of your most successful year yet. Join us, won’t you?

    $197 for the individual day

    Susan’s CEO days are incredibly beneficial to the business owner who wants to thrive.

    But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these testimonials!

    Committed to my Success – Susan has created effective tools to help me define where I want to go, and through her coaching, she offers continued support to my journey. Her business smarts, leadership and coaching skills, and her vibrant and fun personality make that journey enjoyable and entertaining. Her commitment to my success, allows me to see the possibilities with my own brand and aspirations for my business Wide Open Spaces.

    Michelle Wright

    Owner, Wide Open Spaces

    I came to Susan in pure panic – desperately wanting change (personally and professionally) but no idea how to figure it out. Susan has many incredible gifts – she can perfectly articulate what you’re trying to say, she asks all the right questions, and she respectfully and gently pushes you to discomfort. Susan has had my back for more than a year (and we’re not done yet) and my life is transforming. I’m happier and brighter. I’m less anxious and moody. I have more energy to do the things I love and want to pursue. My career is shifting. It’s truly an awakening experience and once you set your intentions, watch out! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Susan’s compassion, coaching and program. I am at peace.

    Veronica Groat

    Senior communications advisor

    After working with Susan in her Accelerate! Mastermind program, which includes her incredible CEO days, my business and mindset is in a different place compared to when I started with her.  What’s more, my last two months have been the highest revenue I’ve made so best to keep doing what is working and I’ve re-enrolled for another session!

    Tracey Guillet

    Clinical Social Worker, Owner, Quiet Pathways

    The Accelerate! program offers a creative and productive way to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan that is meaningful and connected to your full life. Susan’s expansive, creative and methodical approach created a clear way for me to connect what’s intrinsically important to me to a new business field.

    Diane Rennie, APR, CPCC

    Communications Consultant and Professional Coach

      Before you go…

      If there’s one thing I want you to remember, it’s this:

      Trust your gut!

      If you’ve read this far, I have a feeling my CEO Days are exactly what you are looking for to help you move forward and gain momentum. So don’t second guess yourself.

      If you’re worried you’re not ready yet or aren’t 100% convinced these CEO days are the perfect tool for you,  I say, take the leap. Especially with the great pricing offer currently available.

      If you want to make this your best year yet, you need these CEO days!

      So what are you waiting for?

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