Do you believe the people who tell you that you can’t have it all at the same time?

I didn’t.

I don’t.

I believe you can have it all, even at the same time.

However, having time for everything-at-the-same-time hasn’t come easily to me. Even the things that are most important to me seem to somehow take a back seat when I’m not paying attention.

You’d think it would be easy to put your kids and your husband and your friends first. Isn’t that the fun part of life? (in theory. 😉 )

You’d think it would be easy to go out for coffee with friends. You think it would be easy to put work aside and kick back on a Friday night.

Well, for me, it hasn’t been easy.

Why is that?

Why does work “get in the way??”

Why do the “I have to’s….” come first?

How do they get to skip the line and move on up to the front?

I would never have understood this when I was a kid… or a university student… or even a newly minted professional eager to make my mark on the world.

Who knew it would actually be difficult to prioritize the people who are most important to you?

What’s the draw? What are those shining lights that keep pulling me…. and maybe even you….forward?

It’s the adrenaline of goal-setting.

The achievement accolades. The bright shiny objects that keep beckoning for us to grab them.

The kudos out there in “the world.”

Oh, maybe the paycheck is a bit enticing…. But the $$ is definitely not the whole reason.

There are other reasons that keep tempting me… and maybe you too.. to stay up late – long past bedtime – so you can “get ahead.”

Well, are you? Are you ahead? What does a-h-e-a-d even mean?

Let’s get real here.

Does this feel good? Is there something nagging at you that perhaps you “should” be doing something different? That you “should” be spending your time elsewhere? That your “balance” is all out of whack?

If you are a successful, goal-oriented career woman who wants to get real with what’s important to her, then we probably have a lot in common.

Because – contrary to popular belief —  I believe we/you/me CAN have it all.


It’s just our definition of what “all” means that gets in the way.

So, let’s define “all.”

What does “all” mean to you?

I’d like to hear from you. Post a comment below about what ALL means to you. What does it mean to have it all?

And then we can figure out if maybe – just maybe – we can have it all at the same time. 😉

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Susan Elford is a PR Strategist & Leadership Coach who especially loves to work with people who want it all: a fulfilling career or business while living a balanced life. Susan helps her clients get real about their strengths and celebrate and promote them so they get more of what they want: success at work; success in business & success in life.

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