Take the time to reflect on who you are leading the way for and who you are following

It’s May. In my house, that means ‘tis the season for Dance Competitions and Track Meets with end of school year Music Recitals and Awards Ceremonies right around the corner.

Recently I was at a dance competition for my 12-year-old, and I snapped a photo of this sweet little girl watching the older girls dance.

Little_Girl_Big_DreamsHer mom kept trying to get her to leave and the little girl would plead: “Please Mom, just one more minute!” The little ones just adore watching the older girls dance.

My daughter was one of the older dancers; warming up with her teammates for their performance on stage.

It was their turn to shine.

I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t long ago that my 12-year-old would have been that 4-year-old, watching the big girls practice and yearning to be one of them.

This time, it struck me that the older dancers were holding space for the younger ones to grow into.

It was a really beautiful thought, especially in this gentle, lovely space of music and dancing and the mood of excited anticipation backstage as the dancers got ready to perform.

It was also a thoughtful analogy to what we are all going through in some stage of our lives: at times we are the little girl watching the older ones shine. At other times we are the older performer, inspiring the little ones and holding space for them to grow into.

Which one are you right now?

Or perhaps you are both? Sandwiched between accomplishments and a big “What’s next for me?” question.

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Which got me thinking – who am I looking up to? What performance am I preparing for? And am I the big girl or am I the little girl watching in the wings?

I know for sure I am both – and really, we always are, and sometimes we forget that.

I am quite confident my 12-year-old was oblivious to the impact she was having on the young girl watching in the wings; completely focused on what lay ahead for her on stage and in the moment –  unconscious of the impact and inspiration she was having on others at the same time.

What is that for you? Who are you empowering right now? Who are you impacting? And who or what are you working on growing into?

I hesitate to give you a “12 ways to help you step onto your future path” or “5 signs you are now the mentor instead of the mentee.” Instead, I am inclined to leave you with a question – who are you leading the way for, and who are you following? Who are you holding space for, and who is holding space for you?

As parents, we spend so much time helping our children shine and preparing them for their performance that we often forget about ourselves. And as performers – the ones on stage – we rarely think about those watching in the wings.

Who are you going to be this week? The one watching in the wings? Or the one on stage? You get to decide.

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And if you decide you want to be the one on stage – but don’t know where, when or how you’re going to get there, I invite you to contact me. I love helping ambitious women with many ideas, competing priorities and big dreams, navigate the next steps to their most incredible opportunity to step onto the next stage that is waiting for them.

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To your success – at home and at work,

Susan Elford

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