Create a Vision for your Year with Creativity and Planning

2-Part Vision Boarding Workshop | Feb. 5 & 8, 2019 | Calgary, AB

Have you had all the best intentions to start 2019 off with purpose and it hasn’t happened yet? Have you thought vision boarding might be a fun way to stake your claim about what you truly want for the year ahead? Or maybe you know what you want, and you’d love to have a vision board to boldly claim your intentions for the year. Either way, I have just the thing to kickstart your year with intentionality and purpose.

I’m hosting a vision boarding workshop on February 5th and 8th!

This inspiring workshop is for you if:

  • You would love to create a vision board but you keep getting stuck at the “vision” part.
  • You have developed a plan for your life or your business for 2019 and would love to have a way to visually represent that.
  • You have never made a vision board and are curious about how it could impact your life and how much fun it would be to make one.
  • You just know you’re “in” because you know the real power that creating a tangible vision can do for your life or your business.

I invite you to sign up for this second annual Vision Boarding Workshop.

This unique style of workshop covers BOTH the visioning and the creating — not just the creating part.

Before you even set foot in the art studio you will be crystal clear about what you want to put ON your board and what you want to leave OFF of it.

This unique workshop is designed in two parts:


Price:  $99.00 for both the virtual and the live workshop or $45.00 for just the virtual. Want to bring a friend? You both get 10% off! Existing clients: please contact Susan directly for special pricing.

“But wait, what is Vision Boarding?”

Vision-boarding is the process of creating a clear intention in your life or your business by first designing what you want and then creating a tangible vision for that design by creating a beautiful art piece you can hang on your wall.

You begin with a blank slate. What you choose to leave OFF your board and what you choose to put ON it is entirely up to you.

Did you know that when you see something daily, you train your brain to attract clear and creative intention into your life or your business?

Let’s do it!

A few years ago I started creating a vision board for myself annually and now I am going to share my process with you.

PLUS, we get to do it together.

The first part will be over a virtual ZOOM video-conferencing call where I will walk you through my visioning process I use to get really clear about what I want to create for myself in the coming months.

Part two will be hosted at a super cute DIY art studio in Calgary called Pinnovate. The hard work of designing your vision will already be done, and all supplies are provided, so at this stage all you have to do is walk in and start the fun process of creating.

You will go home with a lovely piece you can hang on your wall to continue to inspire you throughout the year, with the added bonus of having spent a fun evening with friends new and old, while enjoying food and bevvies in Pinnovate’s beautiful space. *Food, wine and hot drinks available for an extra charge. Gelato is on-the-house for our group!

The Details:

Part One:   The VISION


Tuesday, February 5, 2019 7 – 8:30pm MST


Virtual Zoom call

The vision work will be done over ZOOM. All you have to do is dial in. If you can’t make it live, this session will be recorded for you to participate on your own time. (Plus! You don’t have to be in Calgary to attend.)

Part Two:   The CREATION


Friday, February 8, 2019 7 – 9:00pm MST


Pinnovate DIY Art Studio in SE Calgary

You will walk away with a beautiful depiction of what you want most for yourself in 2019 and beyond. And enjoy the company of friends new and old while enjoying a glass of wine if you choose and noshing on complimentary gelato.

Where It’s At

Pinnovate DIY Studio 137 Mahogany PZ SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2P8

What Participants Are Saying

“I would highly recommend Susan’s Vision-Boarding Workshop for someone who may not be feeling personally fulfilled in their work. Susan’s Workshop was especially helpful for someone like me, who is looking for a change but isn’t sure in what direction to go. The Workshop gave me the tools to take a step back from what I was doing and to re-evaluate what makes me tick and what makes me happy.  If you’re someone who feels stuck in a job but doesn’t know what’s next, then Susan’s Workshop is a great way to get unstuck.

—Andrea J.

“It’s one thing to recognize you need to make a career change, but it can feel overwhelming to actually make the change. Susan’s Workshop not only helped me to re-affirm that what I want from work has changed, but it also helped me to map out tangible steps so I can start to make these changes. I feel I have a roadmap for moving forward – and most importantly it’s a roadmap that I authored, so it feels do-able and exciting.”

—Previous Participant

Get Your Tickets Now!

This is a live event with limited small group seating.


Contact for more information.

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