“Susan is compassionate, relational and knowledgeable. My experience with Susan was as a Business Coach and Entrepreneurship mentor. Her extensive background in marketing and her success as an entrepreneur were a few of the characteristics that initially attracted me to Susan. Because of coaching with Susan, I have more clarity around my business intention and the direction I want to go with my business.

We dug deep in the task of defining my ideal client as she coached me to re-think, re-imagine and get clear on my business vision and mission. What I found unique about Susan was that she understood how important my personal brand was to me and the type of business that I am creating and because of that, she was able to coach and guide me in a direction that was, what I experienced as, a unique tailor-made marketing strategy.

I feel she had a feminine approach to creating a new business and that really appealed to me. I came from a corporate background of just do it, just get it done and Susan was able to help me to slow down just enough to tap into a meaningful way and deepening my connection with and how I viewed my business.

I would absolutely recommend Susan to anyone who is starting a new business and needing clarity on their niche and desiring their personal brand to show up in their business, especially in this new and emerging business environment.”

– Patricia Goulbourne, Personal and Professional Coach

Calgary, Alberta

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