Meet Susan


Meet Susan

Susan Elford

Hi! I’m Susan. And I’m on a personal mission to help other women who want it all and have it all at the same time.

I’ve never been very good at taking “no” for an answer, or making choices, or giving anything up – ever. So I figured out a way to have it all at the same time. And I can show you how too!

What’s my “all?” All, to me, is loving and building a successful career while having all the time I want for raising my family, spending time with my hubby, enjoying the great outdoors and going on crazy family adventures around the globe.

Elford Family

For me, that “all” meant parting ways with the corporate communications ladder not long after having our first daughter in 2001.

Up to that point, I had thrived on the fast, exhilarating pace of managing media issues for leaders in government and industry; planning and delivering kick-ass PR campaigns for government, corporate and not-for-profit organizations; and building important programs to help improve the economy; highlight the environmentally and socially conscious side of industry; and deliver meaningful social services to people who needed them.

But what does this mean to you?

It means I’ve been around the block. I’ve seen a look inside almost every kind of organization in this country and do you know what has struck me the most?


People who think they have to punch a clock and live the daily grind in textbook fashion in order to eek out a living.

There is another way! Your way.

You can have the life/career/business you have dreamed of – or perhaps you have not dared to dream of having.

I would love to help you dream and connect with what you really want to do next – and chart a way, together, so you don’t have to give anything up.

In fact… you can have it all. Even at the same time.




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