Are YOU on top of Social Media and PR for 2019?

Free Training for Alberta Businesses | Nov 14, 2018 | Calgary, AB

When it comes to marketing in 2019, how prepared do you feel?
Learn how businesses are dominating their marketing strategy
and leveraging the full power of the Internet and Social Media.

Are YOU showing up where your clients spend their time?

The days of direct mail and paid advertising are rapidly becoming has-beens. Enter social media and building relationships with your ideal clients and customers, online and offline.

Social media is now the King of marketing. If you’re not meeting your clients in this space, where are you meeting them?

What do you need to know to do business in the online space using new-age social media and content marketing combined with the wisdom of public relations strategies? Our team has the answers.

On November 14th, meet local industry experts who have been doing social in this space for over 10 years and delivering public relations strategies for over 25 years. Our team will bring you the must-haves and must-dos for your business in social media, content marketing and public relations to take your business into 2019 and beyond.

About this Free Event:
Experts Speak on Social Media and PR

Join Calgary-based PR & Communications strategist Susan Elford (Elford Communications) along with guest speaker Jonathan Christian (We Make Stuff Happen) for an in-depth and enlightening seminar. Learn how businesses are dominating marketing through tried and tested techniques leveraging the full power of the Internet and social media.


November 14th, 2018

1:30 Pm – 2:30PM
Presentation #1

With Susan Elford & Jonathan Christian

A presentation on social media and PR marketing in 2019, along with how the Alberta Jobs Grant could benefit your business. Followed by Q&A.

5:30 Pm – 6:30PM
Presentation #2

With Susan Elford & Jonathan Christian

A repeat presentation on social media and PR marketing in 2019, along with how the Alberta Jobs Grant could benefit your business. Followed by Q&A.


Meet Our Speakers

Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC
Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC

Expert Content Writer & PR Strategist

Jonathan Christian
Jonathan Christian

Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Consultant

Where It’s At

Alastair Ross Technology Centre 3553 31 Street Northwest Calgary, AB T2L 2K7

What Clients Are Saying

“This program offers a creative and productive way to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan that is meaningful and connected to your full life. Susan’s expansive, creative and methodical approach created a clear way for me to connect what’s intrinsically important to me to a new business field.”

Diane Rennie, CPCC, APR

Co-Active Coach & Communication Strategist

“Jonathan has changed our business from a page with no interaction to one that reaches hundreds and thousands daily. He is the real deal, he always goes the extra mile to help his clients. It pays to get it right from the start and hire an expert, social media is vital to any business these days and without guidance with the ever changing algorithms and platforms, you will be left in the dust. I can’t recommend We Make Stuff Happen and Jonathan enough.”

Crystal Michel

Co-Founder, Honest Birth Talk

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This is a live event with limited small group seating.


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