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“Susan is emphathetic, professional and a cheerleader. Susan is the woman you need in your corner to help clarify your personal values and how they translate directly to the success of your service offerings. Her ability to understand the challenges of balancing life and work is shared through her coaching programs. I recommend Susan to anyone who needs a jump start in actively pursuing entrepreneurship.”you just know you have to work on something, Susan is the perfect partner to take the journey with.”

– Robin Hannah, Executive Coach and HR Consultant



“Throughout our lives we change and so do the things that makes us happy. Susan’s (vision-boarding) workshop was a great opportunity to regroup on what’s truly important to me and reaffirm what makes me happy. Based on this, I was able to reset my priorities around what I wanted from work. It’s one thing to recognize you need to make a career change, but it can feel overwhelming to actually make the change. Susan’s workshop not only helped me to re-affirm that what I want from work has changed, but it also helped me to map out tangible steps so I can start to make these changes. I feel I have a roadmap for moving forward – and most importantly it’s a roadmap that I authored, so it feels do-able and exciting.”

– Andrea Joyce, Marketing Strategist, Facilitator, Community Advocate
Calgary, Alberta



“Susan helped me through one of the most tumultuous times in my life. I knew my career was important to me, but she helped me to get really clear on the other pieces of my balance equation. Working with Susan gave me the confidence I needed to make decisions about where to spend my time and energy. She is a constant support who is genuinely invested in helping her clients to define their own terms of success. Whether you think you know what you want to work on, or you just know you have to work on something, Susan is the perfect partner to take the journey with.”

– Kelly Sinclair, Business Owner
Calgary, Alberta


“Positive, confident and a cheerleader, Susan helped me bring out more confidence in myself. Because of coaching with Susan, I was able to be very specific about what I wanted from my career and life in general. I recommend DIY coaching for anyone who has a specific goal in mind about what they would like to achieve. I found it to be very valuable to keep me on track and look at things in a new, positive way. I enjoyed the accountability that coaching brought me. I will miss having Susan as my unbiased sounding board!”

– Carly McConachie, Communications Professional
Calgary, Alberta



“We hire teachers to help us learn, personal trainers to get our physique in top form, and councillors to help us resolve personal conflict. In most cases these professionals help us get to a destination we may never have imagined, and get there faster than we would on our own. That’s what Susan did for me. Susan is strategic, firm, and kind. I want to thank Susan for opening my mind to the possibilities in my career and helping me to see how capable and ready I was for change. Susan is a great coach for anyone who knows the power of a good investment, and wants the straight goods delivered via great questions, kind honesty and a fluid process that ‘meets you where you are.'”

– Alison Pidskalny, Not-for-Profit Executive
Calgary, Alberta



“Susan is insightful, caring and bold. I recommend Susan’s coaching for anyone who is looking at a new approach to decision-making. Susan is able to guide you through a process that focuses on what makes you happy and how to build a life around what you value most.”

– Zoe Kolbuc, Public Affairs Professional
Calgary, Alberta



“Susan is compassionate, relational and knowledgeable. My experience with Susan was as a Business Coach and Entrepreneurship mentor. Her extensive background in marketing and her success as an entrepreneur were a few of the characteristics that initially attracted me to Susan. Because of coaching with Susan, I have more clarity around my business intention and the direction I want to go with my business.

We dug deep in the task of defining my ideal client as she coached me to re-think, re-imagine and get clear on my business vision and mission. What I found unique about Susan was that she understood how important my personal brand was to me and the type of business that I am creating and because of that, she was able to coach and guide me in a direction that was, what I experienced as, a unique tailor-made marketing strategy.

I feel she had a feminine approach to creating a new business and that really appealed to me. I came from a corporate background of just do it, just get it done and Susan was able to help me to slow down just enough to tap into a meaningful way and deepening my connection with and how I viewed my business.

I would absolutely recommend Susan to anyone who is starting a new business and needing clarity on their niche and desiring their personal brand to show up in their business, especially in this new and emerging business environment.”

– Patricia Goulbourne
Personal and Professional Coach
Calgary, Alberta



“Susan is grounding, supportive and professional. Starting a business can be scary and sometimes you feel all alone. It was terrific to have Susan to stand with me at the beginning of my journey to encourage and support my efforts and to shoo away the saboteurs. Her grounded and steady nature helped me to come back to the reason and why I wanted to create my business in the first place. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking for an ally and support when starting a business.”

– Nicole Boisvert, CHNC, CPCC
Certified Professional Coach and Holistic Nutritionist
Feast Coaching
Calgary, Alberta


Dianna Baylis

“Susan is a pleasure to work with – I would describe her as energetic, positive and supportive. Thank you Susan, for helping me get focused on my goals!”

– Dianna Baylis, MBA, CHRP, CCP, GRP
Calgary, Alberta


“Susan enabled me to find the confidence to move forward and clearly see a road ahead that will allow me to be true to myself and my family. I recommend Susan’s coaching for anyone who is at a crossroads in their life and needs the encouragement, support and tools to find their inner confidence to move forward in a direction they never thought possible.”

– Kath Mahy, Christchurch, NZ



“I’ve known Susan as both a PR Strategist and a Business Coach, and she excels at both roles. This gives her a unique ability to both solve complex issues, and allay the stress of decision-making around those issues. With an uncanny ability to always ask the right questions and provide clear, simple answers, Susan is a wonderful resource who can provide insight and creativity wherever it is needed. Beyond a typical advisor, Susan is more like an honest friend who really understand business.”

– Jacqueline Drew, BComm, MBA
President/CEO at Tenato Strategy Inc.



“Susan has played a key role in supporting the development of my business and my personal growth. When we began working together, she took the time to understand what I was looking to achieve, and then helped me set priorities and gain clarity on my near and long-term goals. In this framework, Susan asks thought-provoking questions and provides unconditional support that have helped me become more aware and held me accountable to doing what I need to do to achieve my goals. I decided to work with Susan because I know she walks the talk. As a successful small business owner, she knows what it takes to build and sustain a business. What I didn’t know when I decided to work with her—and what I have come to value most—is Susan’s ability to provide structure to our sessions while allowing the space to explore other areas as they emerge. Working with Susan has helped me achieve specific goals and opened me up to possibility. I recommend Susan for anyone who is ready to commit to taking the next steps toward creating the future they envision.”

– Pam Brandt, MA, APR, ACC


“Committed to my Success – Susan has created effective tools to help me define where I want to go, and through her coaching, she offers continued support to my journey. Her business smarts, leadership and coaching skills, and her vibrant and fun personality make that journey enjoyable and entertaining. Her commitment to my success, allows me to see the possibilities with my own brand and aspirations for my business Wide Open Spaces.”

– Michelle Wright, Owner of Wide Open Spaces



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