5 things you can take action on right now to step into the spotlight (FREE DOWNLOAD)

One of the biggest things I hear from small business owners is that they want to grow their business by attracting new clients. 

However —  many of them don’t know the first place to start AND have a fear of actually being seen.

Most of the client community I serve were not born with a mobile device attached to their hand. Learning to show up and be seen online and elsewhere is a real stumbling block and one that takes practice and courage as well as skill.

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10 of the biggest fears I hear with regards to building visibility for their personal and professional brands include:

  1. I don’t know what to say.
  2. I am NOT dancing online!
  3. What do dancing and lip-synching have to do with my business anyway?
  4. My clients aren’t on social media.
  5. I find the whole thing really overwhelming.
  6. I hate seeing myself on video.
  7. I can’t write.
  8. It takes way too much time.
  9. I can’t afford to hire anyone to help with that right now.
  10. I don’t know what my potential clients want to hear.

I’m telling you that ALL of the above fears are actually just excuses and really amount to a fear of showing up and being seen.

Here are some thoughts that might be driving those fears.

“What if people laugh at me?”

“What if I open my mouth and people find out I actually don’t know what I’m talking about?”

“I’m not as smart as other people, why would anyone listen to what I have to say?”

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Here are 5 things you can take action on right now to step into the spotlight with ease and purpose

      • Identify your ideal client – What do you know about them? Where do they spend their downtime? What keeps them up at night? Grab my free worksheet, below, to get it all on paper!

  • What topics do they care about? – Brainstorm a list of possible things they would be interested in hearing from you on. Just write and write and write all the possible topics they’d like information on.
  • Identify their media sources – Gone are the days when you have to pitch media your story to get coverage. We all have access to our own media outlets – Instagram, Linked In, your website, You Tube – and you can publish whatever you want, whenever you want. No need to wait anymore. Identify where they are most likely going to go to get their information and meet them there.
  • Develop a content plan for ONE media source – Don’t overthink this. Think 3x/week, 3 easy topics, small bite-sized pieces of information.  Once you have one media source figured out, we can add more!
  • Take free online training – Honestly, almost everything can be learned via the Google Search bar these days. One great tool I love is Canva. Hootsuite is great for social media scheduling and Fiverr can be used to find reasonably priced support. Get yourself practiced with one tool and go from there.

BONUS OPTION: Join my next CEO Day – Accelerate! Your Visibility! With guest speakers, Jonathan Christian from We Make Stuff Happen and Colleen Davis from Intentional Branding. I’ll be speaking on Using Big Business PR Strategies with your Small Business Budget, Jonathan will inspire you with Social Media Strategies that work and Colleen will walk you through how to land on a personal and professional brand that is authentic to you. 

You can find out more and register HERE.

Don’t have time to attend on February 25th but would like to learn more about how to be visible in a content-rich world? You can grab this free resource from my website – the PR Launchpad – to get your business ready to tell its story.


To your success, in business, in your career and in life,

Susan Elford

P.S. And what about that fear of being seen? The antidote is to JUST START. It gets easier after the first attempt. Honest.

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