I feel sick to my stomach. My head is spinning and I’m having trouble focusing. What’s going on? We are T minus 36 hours and my two girls will both be back in school full-time for another school year.

I will have my daytime freedom back.

Able to fully focus on work and not have to worry about juggling summer camps/irregular schedules and erratic requests for driving to friend’s houses, setting up lemonade stands, or mid-afternoon bake-a-thons.

The back to school shopping is done.

The girl’s rooms have been cleaned out and readied for another productive school year. The after-school activities are all organized and poised to begin.

We are more organized and “ready” for this next school year than ever before.

So what’s the problem?

It’s me.

Mom’s got a case of the “Back to School Blues.”

It happens every year about this time. The fun-filled ease of summer days are fading away and the structure, productiveness and new challenges of the school year lie waiting for us.

This is something I coach my clients through routinely – the Back to School Blues.

Every Fall – and often in January as well, many of my clients who are also Mom’s, often take stock at this time of year.

September is the marking of another year older, another grade passing by. It’s a time when we notice our children need us a little less than they did the year before.

For myself, my two girls stopped calling me “Mommy” this summer. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Now I’m “Maaaawwwwmm.”  Mommy was softer, younger, less jarring.

Now I’m MOM.

What else has changed?

Parents are often the forgotten ones in the Back to School busyness.Click To Tweet

We have changed. The parents. We are the forgotten ones in all of this.

Did you ever give your parents a passing thought as you passed from one year to the next as you were growing up? Of course not! It was all about you! The child. The excitement of another year older. More responsibilities, more privileges, always something new.

But what’s happening that’s new for the parents? For you?

Often, mothers in particular, take this time to reluctantly reflect on their own achievements and where they are headed. And they don’t always like what they see.

They may feel they need something more, something more fulfilling, a change of scenery at work perhaps, some real life GOALS.

If this is the case for you, then I have something up my sleeve that you may be interested in hearing about.  I am launching a brand new Teleseminar on September 28th, called “My Personal Balance Equation.”

It’s a process I created to help you uncover what you need to feel fulfilled and in balance, every single day.

What do you wish you had more of in your life?

What do you wish you had less of?

Perhaps it’s difficult to even put your finger on it.

That’s why you will want to tune into this free, 60-minute, teleseminar so you can uncover for yourself, what it would take to point you in the direction of feeling satisfied, fulfilled and balanced in your daily life.

I was inspired to create the Personal Balance Equation process when I was taking stock one day, month or year. I don’t recall exactly when. However, I was stuck on the idea that my life had to be divided up into equal chunks – time for work, time for the kids, time for work, time for the kids.

The crazy thing is I forgot about me in that whole equation. I was holding myself to an impossible standard that had me giving all the time – endlessly giving to others in an effort not to disappoint anyone. But what I really needed was more time in that equation for me.

Because, the funny thing is, in my effort to put everything in equal balance, I felt exactly the opposite.

Completely out of balance, unfulfilled, and disgruntled with the endless routine.

Are you contorting your life so you can be all things to all people, forgetting about the most important piece of your personal puzzle, that being you?

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Then I encourage you to tune in on September 28th to listen to my teleseminar LIVE and in person. And if you can’t join live, I will email you a recording, so you can listen at your leisure – yes, that’s right, in your personal time. Because I have a funny feeling you’ll be wanting to put more of that in your Personal Balance Equation – more time for YOU.

So, as the kids get settled into the back to school routine, let’s use this unease that sometimes shows up this time of year and put it to work for you. This time, let’s figure out what your Personal Balance Equation looks like, so you can create the life you want, find the balance you crave and not sacrifice the success that is important to you.

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You can sign up HERE to take part in this special live event, on September 28th.

Until then – enjoy the Back to School busyness, and know that this time next year, you may be wishing that clock didn’t go quite so fast.

With gratitude,
Susan Elford

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