The decision-making tool that absolutely changed my life.

Decision-making. We make countless decisions every day. What shall I have for breakfast? Will I go to the gym or not? Who’s picking up the kids from school? Where shall we go on holidays? Is online or in-person school best for my children this year? Should I quit my job and start a business? Should I close my business and get a job?

The decisions we make every day can be seemingly endless.

You may even suffer from decision fatigue from time to time. We recently completed a bathroom reno. I had no idea how many minute decisions would have to be made during this process. Everything from how you might want to flush your toilet to the colour of the tile to the style of the mirrors. As I got closer to dinner time every day after a day of making decisions in my business and with the reno, I did not want to decide what to have for dinner as well. So I ordered Hello Fresh for a little while – I let someone else make those decisions for me.

But you can’t hire out the decisions that are most important to you – I mean the BIG decisions. The big life and career decisions.

These decisions can get particularly complex when your priorities overlap and your values conflict with one another. Among other reasons, this is a big reason why people hire a business or leadership coach, to help them sort through those decisions so they can gain the clarity they need to make the right ones.

Think about it.

Lack of clarity causes overwhelm

The key thing that can cause overwhelm is the lack of clarity about what’s most important. What decision needs to be made first, second and third? What are the consequences of your potential decisions? Who should you take into account? How will it impact others? How will it impact YOU?

And how do you know when you’re making the right decisions? Sometimes the consequences are inconsequential – vanilla or chocolate? The steak or the salmon? But what if it’s who you’re going to marry or do you take the job? How do you know, without a doubt, that it’s the right decision?

Fear holds you back from the right decisions

What about fear? How often does fear hold you back from making the best – yet most courageous choice? Do you have the courage to make the best decision for you? Or do you consistently make the safest ones, and yet are never fully happy, and may even regret not making a different decision?

The decision-making tool that makes all the difference

What would be possible for you if the Decision-Making process was made easy for you? What if you could plug every decision into a “Decision-O-Meter” of sorts to come out with the best answer?

Well, have I got the answer for you!

Some years ago I created a decision-making tool that I now run all my decisions through. It’s based on my values, on listening to my instincts or my “gut” and on evaluating the priorities in my life given the other people in my world who depend on me. The answers rarely lie in the purest form of what I would do in isolation of all other factors and impacts, and more often than not are a combination of values, priorities, intuition and most of all, Alignment. It’s the Alignment Equation©.

I’m working on a framework to be revealed soon on my website – for FREE – for anyone who cares to learn more. In the meantime, sign up at the link at the bottom of this article to be the first to know when it’s available.

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The Alignment Equation

The Alignment Equation has led me to make some very courageous decisions that have rarely been easy, but they’ve been the right ones. The Alignment Equation has led our family on a year of adventure travel together; it has led us to invest in a home on the east coast of Canada for our future retirement and for enjoying now, when we holiday. It has led me to found Lean in Calgary and lead many hundreds of women toward a more equal future for all. It has led me to persevering with my small business for almost 20 years now. And, it has led me to want to share this with you, so you can make the most aligned decisions for you.

What’s the next big decision you need to make? How will you know it’s the right answer? Align your values, your top priorities, the people you love and care for and most of all your own dreams and goals, and you’ve got your answer.

Curious? Sign up at the link below and we can continue the conversation.

Here’s to bold, bright and courageous decision-making! So you can lead your most ALIGNed life.


To your success,

Susan Elford

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