How do you make aligned and courageous decisions?

With the Alignment Equation, uncover the answer you’ve been searching for without the fear of
failure keeping you stuck with indecision.

It’s time to silence the noise and expectations of the world around you to deeply connect with what’s
most important to you right now.

How do you balance logic and intuition when making aligned decisions?

I’ve struggled with making big decisions since I was a teenager – deciding what my best career choice would be. I think the issue was I could always see both sides of the coin. There are often benefits to both – or to many options – and knowing what the very best choice is often difficult.

After I landed on my big career decisions, I was off to the races. And truth be told I didn’t find myself really struggling again until after my first daughter was born and there were some big life decisions that had to be made – that impacted more people than just me!

Big life decisions become difficult when our hearts are in more than one place – family, friends, career, and yourself, of course.

When balancing multiple commitments and priorities it’s difficult to know what is more important. What I know to be true is…
You can’t see how it’s all possible when your head’s in a state of confusion and constant urgency.

When can this tool help? When life feels like…

  • There’s too much to do and too little time
  • Late sleepless nights and rushed early mornings
  • You’re constantly overpromising yet you feel like you’ve underdelivered
  • You work until exhaustion knocks you out of the game
  • Your child spends more time in front of a screen than with you
  • There’s no time for your spouse, let alone yourself
  • Your social life has become a distant memory, that you miss very much
  • Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to feel happiness in everyday life now…
  • And the big one? Somehow you’ve lost the sound of your own voice in the midst of making so many decisions with others in mind.

I know it’s easy to stay in the same lane. To not rock the boat. To not make a decision. To stay safe. Because let’s face it – it’s scary when you don’t know if something will work out well, or not.

What’s missing is a simple way to confidently navigate life decisions
in a way that feels really authentic and true to you.

With the Alignment Equation, Susan will help you…

  • Identify the factors most important to YOU
  • Separate outside opinions and noise from your wants
  • Develop your core values creating a touchstone when life gets messy
  • Reveal what your priorities are right now so you can reach those lofty dreams
  • Recognize your aligned personal and/or professional goals
  • Boost your confidence in achieving your goals all centered around your new found values and priorities!

It’s amazing what you can find time for in your days once you make some of these decisions and get clear about what it is that’s your work to do and what’s the best use of your time.

No matter the mountain that appears ahead of you – should you start that business now, is it time to build your dream home, is that promotion what you really want, or maybe you’re simply not sure what to do next – the confidence and clarity you seek is within you… and this is how you find it!

Meet Susan

Hi, I’m Susan Elford! Leadership Coach, Business Builder and Community Leader.

I help unapologetically ambitious women live BIG adventure lives without the burnout, work resentment or the isolation plaguing today’s disconnected world.

With my amazing ABC community and private mentorship the women I work with build meaningful, purposeful careers and businesses. Together we create personalized plans for growth of their careers and businesses, on their own terms. The Align Retreat is my passion project for the community.

My adventurous life includes family travel around the world, ski mountains in the winter and enjoying waterfront time in the summer with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

What is the Alignment Equation?

When you sign up, you will embark on a multi-level experience to get clarity on any big decision you’re facing – PLUS a timeless tool you can turn to time and time again whenever you need it.

  • The Alignment Equation Exercise, PDF that you can type into
  • The 48-Minute On-Demand Training, pause as you need!
  • 6-Part Email Support Series, a walk-through with examples & stories

* Get immediate access to this tool and explore what’s in true alignment for you!
A timelines resource you can use anytime a decision needs to be made.

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