Re-imagine Your Life.
Re-inspire Yourself.

Revisit and Recalibrate Your Big Life Decisions
and Put Yourself Back into the Equation

October 14-17, 2021 at the Crossing at Ghost River

Decisions aren’t feeling easy right now.

You’re sensing a gap between who you are, and the life you truly want to live.
And something is standing in your way of taking that right next step and moving into your next big thing — the ambitious, Big Adventure that’s calling you in your career, business, or life.

What’s the right move?
What’s the wrong move?
What will others think if you really go for it?
…and it doesn’t work out?

It’s time to get away from all the noise and get back to your OWN voice.

To go from stuck and exhausted to re-fueled, re-invigorated, and ready to confidently chart your own path.

Welcome to the Align Retreat.

Get clear on your bigger vision and Work to Do in the world, so you can create a deeply-aligned career or business – a life – that fulfills you.

Because, when you’re an Aligned Woman, people are drawn to support you. 

It’s magnetic. It connects. 

We’ll help you connect the dots between your life’s purpose, your next big leap, and your future work and impact. You will:

Rediscover Yourself & Develop Your Alignment Equation

What matters now? Your aligned priorities and desires evolve with you and it’s time to rediscover your values, your purpose, yourSELF.

Become a Courageous & Aligned Decision-Maker

This takes clarity and confidence, healthy boundaries, and breaking free from the “success persona” that has you living by the rules of others!

Meet Your New Support Network of Uplifting Women

You won’t stay stuck and unmotivated for long around here! The power of claiming what you want in community creates a shift you can’t turn back from.

Declare and Claim What’s Next for You

Three gorgeous days of deep clarity, big vision, and honest connection.

October 14-17, 2021 at the Crossing at Ghost River

All while building new friendships and experiencing the uplifting support of like-minded women!

The Align Retreat is built upon Inspiring Connection… because surrounding yourself with the right people who believe in you is a non-negotiable part of creating the life you want.

Connecting with impact-driven women who understand your passion and your challenges is what we call becoming powered by community.
The results are astounding.

“Susan has many incredible gifts – she can perfectly articulate what you’re trying to say, she asks all the right questions, and she respectfully and gently pushes you to discomfort. It’s truly an awakening experience and once you set your intentions, watch out! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Susan’s compassion, coaching and program. I am at peace.”



Have we met?

I’m Susan Elford.

Leadership Coach, Business & Community Leader, Communications Mentor
Also: lover of big family gatherings, adventures, and the ocean (definitely, the ocean!)

 I have a vision: A world filled with happy people – especially women – and I mean actually happy!

Where women are free from the old way (the shoulds), and define success by their own standards.

But I also understand that true authenticity and alignment is, well… hard. 

When you’re ambitious and career-loving, outward success comes easy. 

It’s not hard to work hard, to say the right things, and get it done. 

But it’s not going to make you happy. 

That approach makes you successful on the outside

But it also makes you disconnected from yourself, what you truly want, and your profound purpose in life.

 Now that you’re ready to live a courageously aligned life, it’s time to break out of this “success persona”

and reinspire yourself by letting THE REAL YOU run the show!

The Venue

My Vision for the Align Retreat was inspired by a big retreat I took myself on years ago when I removed myself from my everyday environment and immersed myself in a different space, with different people, and re-connected with what was most important to me. What emerged was a bolder, braver, more aligned version of myself. This is what I have created for my community of professional women who are seeking to be re-inspired or re-aligned with their work and life. This upscale experience is designed to pamper, nourish and spark your soul. I hope you love it.  ~ Susan

Nestled within 145 rolling acres, set along the banks of the Ghost River,
The Crossing offers a beautiful backdrop for the retreat.

The rural location is conveniently located just minutes from Cochrane, Alberta, and an hour from downtown Calgary.

Your Ticket price for the weekend includes all meals and refreshments.

We encourage our participants to book accommodation directly with the Crossing.

Step into a bigger vision for yourself as an unapologetically ambitious, aligned decision maker.

You know your purpose and talents intersect in a big and ambitious way.

You don’t really want to settle for what’s ‘comfortable’.

You’re done getting in your own way, procrastinating, comparing, and ruminating in self-doubt.

And you want support to put yourself out there, stop holding yourself back, and to authentically advocate for yourself and your deepest desires.

Feeling alone, unsupported, indecisive, and stuck is over.

And a Boldly Aligned Life
that Amplifies Your Impact… is now!

Let’s discover how to make an impact with your Work to Do. 

Let’s celebrate all of YOU

Join us now, or keep reading for more details about your next BIG adventure!

The Align Retreat.

Your Work. Your Impact. Your Way.

Psst! Stop keeping yourself to yourself.
We want to know the real you!

Get ready to Level Up:
Agenda: (Times are approximate)

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021
 Meet Your Fellow Retreat Guests
7-9 pm:  Introductions & Intentions
 Charcuterie & Light Refreshments  Connection Time 

Friday, October 15, 2021
8 am Yoga
10 am Session
1 pm Lunch Break with Meditation Walk
3 pm Session
5:30 pm Dinner Break
7:30 pm Evening on your own

Saturday, October 16, 2021
8 am Morning Walk
10 am Session
1 pm Lunch Break
2 pm Session
5:00 pm Dinner Break
7:30 pm An Evening of Art and Creativity

Sunday, October 17, 2021
8 am Yoga
10 am Session
1 pm Closing Lunch
2:30pm  Completion

NOTE: Regarding the realities of living with Covid-19 in our community, please know we are following all health advisories and the conference room is extremely spacious so there’s plenty of room to physically distance with masks on. If for some reason we can no longer gather in-person, options for a refund or to access the program virtually will be offered.

Get to know your Align Retreat Team

The Founder of the Align Retreat, Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC,  is your Lead Facilitator, Guide, and Coach.

The program for the Align Retreat is based on a program Susan designed and developed based on years of study, research, and leading her clients through complex life, career, and business decisions. Rooted in the decision-making foundation Susan developed called “The Alignment Equation,” Susan will guide you to uncovering yours so you can make those important life, career, and business decisions rooted in what’s most important to you while honouring your gifts and the impact you’re here to make. With her fun and engaging style, Susan has a way of making everyone in the room feel welcome as she lovingly acknowledges and explores your unique strengths and dreams while raising your game to a level you never thought possible for yourself.

The ALIGN Retreat’s Yoga instructor is Sara Hiebert.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation are key practices in Sara’s own Alignment Equation, and she teaches them in her five weekly online public yoga classes. She also teaches yoga, mindfulness, and meditation online/in person (when possible) to corporate clients, in schools, and to private clients.

During the ALIGN retreat, Sara will lead yoga sessions, as well as do her own work alongside participants in all of Susan’s sessions.

Follow Sara on Instagram or check out her website

JoAnn GodenirThe ALIGN Retreat’s Art Facilitator and Creativity Guide is JoAnn Godenir.

JoAnn believes that creativity is available to all of us and plays an essential role in our path to self-discovery.  She will show you that embracing the process rather than focusing on the outcome uniquely teaches us to trust our inner selves.  JoAnn is a multidisciplinary award-winning artist whose work has been shown and sold across Canada and internationally.

During the ALIGN retreat, JoAnn will lead an evening of creative exercises designed to inspire and unlock your creative spark.  She will participate alongside participants in all of Susan’s Sessions.

Follow JoAnn on Instagram @joanngodenir or check out her website

“Susan is dynamic, passionate and fearless. Because of coaching with Susan, I now have the clarity I need to make decisions that resonate with my soul.

Joann Paton

Coach & HR Consultant, Calgary , Canada

Susan enabled me to find the confidence to move forward and clearly see a road ahead that will allow me to be true to myself and my family. I recommend Susan’s coaching for anyone who is at a crossroads in their life and needs the encouragement, support and tools to find their inner confidence to move forward in a direction they never thought possible.

Kathy Mahy

Christchurch, NZ

The Courage to Level Up
is Right Here.

You’re ready now. You don’t need the answers. You just need to believe in yourself.

Join us.

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