Dear solopreneurs and small business owners with big hearts…

You’ve got a great product.

You’re on a mission to make a difference.

And, you are driven to succeed.

Unfortunately, your ideal customers don’t know you exist and that you are ready to help them.

You may think PR is for big brands and deep pockets but, the truth is, PR can ACTIVATE! the potential of YOUR small business with little to no budget…

That’s why I created Activate! The Power of PR exclusively for small business owners…

I’m excited to show you how to carry out your own heart-centered PR strategy in a creative, deliberate and impactful way and truly activate your business’s potential using big business strategies with your small business budget.

If you want to…

  • Become more visible to your ideal clients,
  • Build a reputation worth remembering,
  • Increase sales, inquiries and referrals,
  • And, Activate! exciting opportunities for growth,

You’re in the right place…

ACTIVATE! The Power of PR Covers…

  • What PR is and how it works for small business owners featuring relationship-building, brand-building, client-attracting and news-making opportunities.
  • Insight into creating your own unique PR strategy to promote your products and/or services and get clients!
  • A toolkit to uncover your personal brand and use PR to activate your business reputation.
  • A PR plan template, marketing calendar template and other resources.
  • Real life examples of effective PR strategies that get results.
  • Access to the course and companion resources online so you can learn wherever and whenever.


Prepare your Business for the Power of PR

  • What is PR and how can it help my business?
  • Why PR is a credible tool to use to help promote your small business
  • Examples of PR campaigns that help build reputations
  • The work behind the scenes to get your business ready to be seen

Uncover your Personal Brand to Build Your Business Brand

  • What is your Business Brand?
  • What is your Personal Brand?
  • How do the two relate to winning new clients and where does PR come in?
  • What do you want people to know about you and your business?

Activate! The Power of PR to Build your Business and Get Clients

  • Create a PR Plan for your business that YOU can implement
  • Brainstorm the ways you can build your brand
  • Understand the difference between news and advertising.
  • The power of third party endorsements

The 5 R’s of Public Relations and Why Your Business Needs Them

  • The Key Components of Every Effective PR Strategy
  • Why they are the Core of Every PR Plan
  • How you can use the 5 R’s to Build your PR Strategy
  • The Tools you Need to Build your PR plan
  • Includes a Template to Complete your Own Communications & Marketing Plan for both a Traditional Business and a Solopreneur Service-Based Business
  • Includes a Template for your Marketing Calendar Action Plan

How to Make Your Own News

  • The Story Behind the News Story
  • Ways You Can Influence News Coverage
  • News Opportunities for your Business
  • Pitch Strategies You Can Use
  • How to Craft your own News Release
  • Includes a Media Pitch Cheat Sheet
  • How to Build your Media List
  • Includes a Sample News Release

ACTIVATE! Is A Smart Choice For Small Business,
Here’s Why…

Enjoy PR training and advice from a 28-year industry expert at a fraction of a PR agency’s price tag. 

Activate your business potential using PR creating big results with  little to no budget.

Put your time and budget to the best possible use, learning strategies that are tried and tested.

Leverage a wider range of PR ideas tailored exclusively to small business.

Discover ways to create and optimize opportunities for growth as a result of your PR efforts.

Get lifetime access to the course + convenient online access whenever you want.

ACTIVATE! Is Right For You If…

  • You (or your clients) are a solopreneur or small business owner with a product and/or service you want to tell the world about.
  • You are launching a new business or service offering and you’d like to build interest in your new business.
  • You’re curious what PR is and want to Activate! its potential for your business.
  • You would like to learn more about PR and its potential for your business so you are educated when you hire a consultant to support you in this area.
  • AND you have at least 3 hours over the course of three weeks to put the course lessons into practice.

A Quick Recap of Your Registration:

  • After you register, you’ll be taken to a Paypal link to complete payment.
  •  Watch your Email inbox for a link to the recordings AND your companion workbook.
  • You will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask your questions and get support from Susan Elford at anytime.
  • You have lifetime access to the recordings.

I’ve known Susan as both a PR Strategist and a Business Coach, and she excels at both roles. This gives her a unique ability to solve complex issues, and allay the stress of decision-making. Her uncanny ability to always ask the right questions and provide clear, simple answers, makes Susan a wonderful resource who can provide insight and creativity as it is needed. Beyond a typical advisor, Susan is more like an honest friend who really understand business.


CEO & President of, Tenato Strategy

Susan helped me develop a communications strategy for my personal training/running coaching business. Susan provided a simple, clear and effective strategy for me to use. I hit my target number of online clients in record time! I would definitely hire Susan again.


Owner & Mobile Fitness Coach,

Hi! I’m Susan Elford, your PR Mentor.

After 28 years in the PR industry, serving leaders at the highest levels of organizations in industry, government and not-for-profit, I’ve decided to capture some of my “best kept secrets” to my own small business success that I’ve instinctively been implementing all these years. Sometimes you don’t even know the secrets behind your own success until you find people asking about it, over and over.

The biggest question my clients have been asking me over the 18 years I’ve been in business, is “how” I do it? How do I keep my small business consistently attracting and retaining the very best clients?

After many requests for this information, I dove in behind the scenes to explore what makes my business work with consistent client attraction and retention. I realized that I was instinctively using the big business PR strategies designed for my clients, to fuel the success of my small business. Other than investing in a bit of social media advertising and, of course, investing in a solid website design team, I have never paid for advertising in the 18 years I’ve been in business.

You too can attract consistent referrals and Activate! the Power of PR by using these solid PR strategies that deliver results — even with little to no marketing budget. These proven strategies can create your biggest results – no budget required! And I’m excited to show you how…

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