Spring 2021

Spring Mastermind registration is now closed. Early registration for the Fall Mastermind will open in July 2021

Community and Coaching for Ambitious Entrepreneurs Who Are Tired of Growing it alone.

The Spring Edition of Accelerate! is now closed. Early registration for Fall 2021 will open in July.

Accelerate!, my signature mastermind, has helped countless new and emerging business owners design, build and grow their service-based business.

If you’re looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, and confidence-boosting environment to grow your business, market effectively, and build success, I invite you to explore what the Accelerate! Mastermind can offer you.

My reason for offering The Accelerate! Mastermind is simple:

I love helping motivated entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, grow your business in a way that lets you live your life exactly as you want.

I want to help you do it all YOUR WAY.

Because I KNOW the ripple effect…

I help you design and grow your business so that it works best for YOU. Not because a business school said this is the way you’re “supposed” to build it, but because it works for you.

When working alone, it’s often too easy to give up when things get hard.

By surrounding yourself with others working toward a similar goal or objective, you’ll get motivation, support, and friendly competition to push yourself just a bit further than you would have done on your own.

Some days your big goals may seem impossible. On “those” days when you most want to give up, you need to lean on your community the most.

When you are working within a community of like-minded people, the collective wisdom is considerably greater than any one person working alone. The diversity of worldviews, expertise and experience creates opportunities for new perspectives and growth.

A mastermind raises everyone’s game, and suddenly that goal or dream doesn’t seem nearly so far off.

And, from a real world, pragmatic perspective, a mastermind is one thing you can do for you and your business as you stay safe and upbeat while we continue to navigate reduced community contact. #socialdistancingnotsocialisolating…

What are you waiting for?

I joined Susan’s Mastermind because I was looking to increase my reach and visibility. I wanted to land more clients, pivot to the new world with no in-person events and network online. I wanted strategies, support and accountability to move closer to my goals. Now, I feel more confident and I also feel better knowing I’m not alone in some of the struggles and hard parts of being a solopreneur. The Accelerate! Mastermind was such a great experience. I’m really glad I did it. It helped me move forward as CEO of my business, with a built-in support system and cheering section.

Brandy Payne

Workplace Mental Health Consultant, Calgary, Alberta

When I signed up for Susan’s Mastermind I was looking for consistency – a space that I could show up on a regular basis to be supported so my business could grow. I wanted to increase my monthly income and create a system that made this income reliable and consistent. After working with Susan in her Accelerate! Mastermind program, my business and mindset is in a different place compared to when I started with her.  What’s more, my last two months have been the highest revenue I’ve made so best to keep doing what is working and I’ve re-enrolled for another session! Tracy Guillet Clinical Social Worker/Owner of Quiet Pathways, Calgary, Alberta

Building Your Business Has Never Been More

Fun & Rewarding!

The Accelerate! Mastermind is ideal for small business owners in growth mode who are looking for guidance to build their business, camaraderie as they do it, and the structure to hold themselves accountable. It’s a 5-month program that offers a mixture of working ON your business and IN your business over the 5 months.

“I love having the regular focused time to put my business on the front burner and truly be the CEO of my business. It’s time I put aside for me to think about my business in a different way. This can make all the difference to my business growth.” – Lindsay White, Mastermind Member
Having been the CEO of her small business Elford Communications, and now Susan Elford Coaching & Consulting for over 18 years, Susan has been around the block when it comes to building repeatable business success. Passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs to build the business they dream of so they can enjoy all aspects of their life, keeps Susan engaged and motivated to support small business owners lead with confidence, develop repeatable marketing systems and programs and design a business that allows work to fit into her clients lives, versus the other way around.
“Susan’s the whole package – she has years of PR and business experience, is a leadership coach who gets small business and she cares about balancing her family around her work. I love working with Susan because she gets the full picture of success.” – Gina Bell, Mastermind Member
Now, more than ever, is the time to make sure you don’t lose sight of this business you’ve worked so hard to build. Here, you can take focused time to keep your pipeline of clients flowing, or perhaps you need to pivot your business model to provide services virtually. Whatever your business goals are this year, being held accountable by a community of business owners who have your back is a model for business growth that keeps many coming back for more each year.

As a Mastermind member, you will enjoy…

Focused marketing and sales strategy to reach your revenue goals – even amidst the current economic climate.
Structure to keep you accountable and moving towards your goals – even when you’re still trying to establish a new normal
Mindset shifts so big, you’ll wonder how you ever survived before.

A coach and group of like-minded entrepreneurs who “get it” and provide valuable feedback and business knowledge.

An all-access pass to my inner circle and the methods I’ve used to scale my own business, along with insight into the ways I am navigating these uncertain times too.

A PR Strategist in your back pocket with 28+ years of experience who knows big business strategies and offers those insights to you on a small business budget.

We meet every second Tuesday morning from 10:00-11:30am Mountain Time.  Each week we host a series of accountability and focused Leadership Topics and Business-Building Conversations all designed with you and your business in mind.

Bonus Business-Building CEO Days are included! CEO Day #1 — April 23rd: CEO Day #2 — June 18th.

Pay in full bonuses: Activate! The Power of PR five-week webinar + 40-page workbook ($997 value) plus one VIP 60-minute coaching session ($500 value).

Here’s what previous Accelerate! Mastermind participants have to say:

“I signed up for the Accelerate! Mastermind because I wanted to grow my business in an increasingly resonant direction, and get more clarity on what I wanted my focus to be. I wanted to increase my clients, increase engagement with potential clients, gain clarity and focus and get more stable in my business. I loved the community model, listening to other folks unpack things that I wouldn’t have been able to put the same words to yet absolutely resonated with my experience.”

–Nic Etheridge Calder, Organizational Development & Leadership Coach, Calgary, Alberta

“I loved the group energy, the accountability, the opportunity to share and ask questions with a thoughtful and helpful group of people, and of course Susan’s leadership. Through coaching and informing from a place of years of communication and marketing and PR background, while also bringing out the best of the group in service of each member. This Mastermind would be especially suited to a solopreneur in the first 5 years of business for a place to learn, grow and get support.”

–Adele Fedorak, Leadership Coach & Speech Language Pathologist, Calgary, AB

The Accelerate! Mastermind Program

This program offers a mix of topics working ON your business and working IN your business. It incorporates topics on business and personal leadership with business-building and acumen to continue your growth and business leadership journey.

  • Begins: Tuesday, March 2 – Running every second Tuesday morning 10-11:30 Mountain Time
  • March 2, 16, 30, April 13, 27, May 11, 25, June 8, 22, July 6 (Final Wrap-Up In-Person Event if COVID restrictions allow)
  • CEO Day #1 – April 23rd: CEO Day #2 – June 18th
  • Pay in full bonuses: Activate! The Power of PR five-week webinar + 40-page workbook ($997 value) plus one VIP 60-minute coaching session ($500 value).
Q: Will this really help my business or is this just another community?
This isn’t just another community you have to show up for, the Accelerate! Mastermind will become the anchor in your week that you look forward to. It’s the place where you get to show up, be you, share real challenges and successes and get real-world help to move you forward, each and every week.
Q: I’ve been in other Masterminds, what makes this one different?
This Mastermind offers a mix that I’ve never seen anywhere else: a blend of working on your business and in your business. It offers a blend of the “being” and the “doing.” Successful business owners don’t succeed by doing all the things, they have to take a step back and look at their business strategically and from the CEO seat on a regular basis. And when you’re a solopreneur, then you have to get busy and do the things too. In the Accelerate! Mastermind, we offer both.
Q: Will Susan be working with me personally?
This Mastermind is not like so many you see offered online. This one is the real deal. Susan leads each session and works with each member individually. This is a small group of no more than 8 members. Susan is in the private Facebook group each week, and a private coaching session comes with each 5 month series. More 1:1 time can be added to your program at any time at exclusive member-only rates.
Q: I’m really new to my business, I’m not sure if this is the right fit?
This Mastermind is ideal for those who have been in business for five years or less. It’s also for seasoned professionals who are just launching a solo consulting or coaching practice and who are looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace or elevate their voice and their brand to attract more clients in a consistent way. If you’re looking for a safe place to grow your early stage business, this Mastermind is for you.
I’ve crammed as much as I can think of into this opportunity. I care deeply about the success of business owners designing, building and living their life and their business on their own terms.  Join us, won’t you? To your success, in business and in life, Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, PR Strategist

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