Building Your Business: Your Way 

Create a Successful Business and Still Have Time For Your Life

The Accelerate! Mastermind

  • Are you a new or emerging entrepreneur who is tired of going it alone in this business of building your business? 
  • Do you wish you had more hours in the day so you can work in your business and on your business at the same time? 
  • Are you sometimes frustrated and don’t know where to turn when you have to make decisions about what to do next? 
  • Have you launched your business and you could really benefit from an ongoing support network and group to strategize and build your businesses together?  

If this describes you, then you’re in the right place.


I’m Susan Elford, Leadership Coach, PR Strategist, Business Mentor and Community Builder. 

I’ve been running my own largely solopreneur business for over 16 years and I know what it’s like to go it alone. I also know the benefit of having a community of like-minded peers and mentors to surround myself with and ask questions.  

When I launched Elford Communications over 16 years ago, one of the first things I did was seek out a community of peers who were also out there in the trenches, working for themselves and growing their businesses. 

In fact, it wasn’t very long before I created a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for us to meet regularly, learn from each other and from experts in subjects we needed to know about in order to grow our businesses.

I took courses, met other entrepreneurs for information interviews, and basically slogged it out for a very long time.  

I had never heard of the concept of a Mastermind — boy, do I wish I had! I would have saved time, money and much slogging it alone if I had been in one from the early days.  

Did I mention I hate slogging?  

Who does? 

That’s why I created The Accelerate! Mastermind – for new and emerging entrepreneurs like you, who are learning what it’s like to build and run your own service-based business. Many solopreneurs work from their own homes and the days can be lonely. It can also be time-consuming to leave the house for a meeting here and there. 

The Accelerate! Mastermind is for you if:

  • You could benefit from a group of like-minded peers who are also building their own businesses
  • You’re not sure where to find all the answers and could use a coach and mentor to guide you on your way 
  • You enjoy the support of a community network to keep you motivated, champion you and celebrate your successes 
  • You need structure in your business to get things done 
  • You’re not overly good at planning and find yourself wasting time as you flit from thing to thing  

If you’re looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, environment to grow your business, ask questions and build success, I invite you to explore what the Accelerate! Mastermind can offer you.

The Accelerate! Mastermind Program is:

  • Designed for the business-builder who has launched their business and is looking for an ongoing support network and group to strategize and build their businesses together 
  • Focused on developing clear intentions and a plan to be accomplished during the Mastermind period 
  • Designed to provide business owners with a structure to get things done in their business! 
  • Tailor-made for the entrepreneur who has been running their new business for five years or less. 

I’m now taking applications for The Accelerate! Mastermind For Spring 2019.

  • Scheduled to launch on March 5th, 2019 and run for a 18 week period until July 9th, 2019 
  • Kick-off the group portion of the Mastermind with introductions and intention-setting to map out your action plan for the next 18 weeks 
  • Meets twice/month to chart progress, create accountability and build your business with eight of your new closest colleagues to champion, celebrate and support you along the way.
  • Monthly topic-focused learning sessions
  • Monthly open coaching and accountability
  • Private Facebook group for 24/7 ongoing support and coaching from Susan and your peers in between sessions 

Financial investment: $299/month +GST for five months. 

You can add Private VIP Coaching to your Monthly Mastermind Program at any time throughout the program for an exclusive, member-only rate.

“The best part of being in the Accelerate! Mastermind? It’s hard to pick only one. I love the group energy, the accountability, the opportunity to share and ask questions with a thoughtful and helpful group of people, and of course Susan’s leadership… through coaching and informing from a place of years of communication and marketing and PR background... while also bringing out the best of the group in service of each member.  

I recommend the Accelerate! Mastermind because being a solopreneur can be lonely AND there are risks associated with being too close to the work. While we all need to do our solitary work, and many of us benefit from 1-1 coaching, a group experience offers a different and useful medium to understand and grow a business. The Accelerate! Mastermind offers the group experience with leadership from someone who is an effective coach and marketing/PR professional wrapped up in one person.  

This Mastermind would be especially suited to a female solopreneur in the first 5 years of business who is developing or growing a business looking for a place to learn, grow and get support. ”

– Adele Fedorak, M.A., R.SLP, CPCC Leadership Coach & Speech Language Pathologist

“Susan is emphathetic, professional and a cheerleader. Susan is the woman you need in your corner to help clarify your personal values and how they translate directly to the success of your service offerings. Her ability to understand the challenges of balancing life and work is shared through her coaching programs. I recommend Susan to anyone who needs a jump start in actively pursuing entrepreneurship.”

– Robin Hannah, MISO Coachsultant

“Susan helped me through one of the most tumultuous times in my life. I knew my career was important to me, but she helped me to get really clear on the other pieces of my balance equation. Working with Susan gave me the confidence I needed to make decisions about where to spend my time and energy. She is a constant support who is genuinely invested in helping her clients to define their own terms of success. Whether you think you know what you want to work on, or you just know you have to work on something, Susan is the perfect partner to take the journey with.”  

– Kelly Sinclair, Principal Consultant, KS Communications

“Committed to my Success – Susan has created effective tools to help me define where I want to go, and through her coaching, she offers continued support to my journey. Her business smarts, leadership and coaching skills, and her vibrant and fun personality make that journey enjoyable and entertaining. Her commitment to my success, allows me to see the possibilities with my own brand and aspirations for my business Wide Open Spaces.”

– Michelle Wright Owner, Wide Open Spaces

“Susan is dedicated, positive and realistic. Through the Accelerate! program, Susan was very good at helping organize my thoughts into actions. It was great to have someone who you were accountable to and who was incredibly supportive in helping you achieve your business goals. Susan helped me focus on key areas in my business so I could define and work out what I was offering and my target clients. I would recommend the Accelerate! program to sole proprietors and individuals who want clarity in understanding why, what and how they are offering their services to customers.”

– Georgie Islip, Owner, Mobile Fitness Coach  

“I recommend the Accelerate! Mastermind if you need some focus, meaningful support and to get things done. This is a great group to be part of. The bonus is the wonderful talented, creative and generous people that are in the group. It is a wonderful community. Entrepreneurs who need to rejig, refresh or restart their business, would greatly benefit from participating in this program. The best part of being in the Accelerate! Mastermind is the ability to share and brainstorm ideas with other entrepreneurs.”

– Diane Rennie, APR, Co-Active Coach & Communication Strategist

“Susan has built a program that is chock full of useful resources and anecdotes based on years of personal experience. Her practical, can-do approach and warm support created a wonderful learning environment that challenged me to think bigger while providing much-needed structure. I recommend Susan and the Accelerate! program for anyone wanting to start or grow their own business – and to do so in a way that is authentically you. Practical, supportive and passionate, Susan gave me the tools and the confidence to keep on going.”

– Pam Brandt, MA, APR, ACC, INcontext Coaching & Consulting

If you’re looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, environment to grow your business, ask questions and build success, I invite you to explore what the Accelerate! Mastermind can offer you.  

If this sounds like a fit for you, don’t delay! I expect to fill this program fairly quickly and there are only eight spots available.  

Message me to find out more or to apply for a spot in this exclusive program.  

It will give you the lift-off you are looking for and kick-start your Spring into action. I’d love to have you join us.  


Susan Elford, APR, CPCC, PCC