The Truth Behind My Struggle to Switch Off

Do you find it hard to switch off? Even during holidays?

Time slips like sand through my fingers. The tiny grains are barely discernible, like seconds in a year, yet somehow, when they all come together, they’re significant.

I look forward to the month I spend in my summer home every year.

It’s practically at the edge of the earth. No wifi, weak cell phone signals, and nothing but the sound of a loon – or maybe the bold crows, to wake me in the morning.

I love it.

And yet I find it difficult to slow down. In fact, I have been known to madden my family with my partial work routine and phone calls that interrupt waterfront playtime and the occasional outing.

It takes me about two weeks to slow down enough to stop looking for that elusive cell phone signal, or to stop reaching for the prompt to “text DATA to…” to top up my data plan for the month I’m away.

Allowing the time – like sand – to slip through my fingers is counter-intuitive.

It goes against my being to allow time to be seemingly wasted – and yet, is it? Is it wasted?

I know that if I don’t take some solid time off in the summer, I will resent it. I want to be excited to return to my fall routine and before I know it, I will be back in the very committed and busy pace that I live in most of the year.

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I know I need to switch off – to call a social media time out – and to be fully present as I enjoy my family, the sunny weather, and the beckoning water for our daily swim in the pond in front of our cabin.

Life is good. And it is to be savoured.

This is where I switch off – NOW – and see you again in September.

In September I intend to be refreshed, reinvigorated and thoroughly pleased that I could take the time to soak in the special moments of another passing summer.

Like grains of sand that turn into sandcastles. These summer moments turn into meaningful memories in our years.


How will you remember this summer? Tell me in September.

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Until then…

To your success, in business and in life,

Susan Elford

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