How Shifting Your Mindset About Sales Can Make All the Difference

How do you feel about selling? The number one roadblock I hear from my clients and most service-based entrepreneurs is around selling their services.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m good at what I do, I just don’t like selling.”
  • “The people who know me love my work, I just need more people to know me.”
  • “I don’t do well selling myself. I just wish I could have someone else do that.”

I just returned from a three-day sales conference in Los Angeles where I witnessed the “Queen of Sales Conversion” herself, Lisa Sasevich, teach the packed conference room how to design winning sales strategies and position their offers.

I had not wanted to go to this event. The whole idea of being in a room and being sold at for three solid days made me feel a little nauseous, frankly.

Why the physical response to this?

  • I don’t like being sold to,
  • I don’t like selling, and
  • I don’t like trying to convince people that I’m worth their time and money.

Sound familiar?

So why did I attend?

I was curious.

How could this woman impact so many credible, heart-centered entrepreneurs, if she didn’t know what she was doing?

What I saw impressed me.

Everyone who attended this event went knowing they were going to be sold to for three days. Everyone went looking for something – new ideas on how to build their businesses, new ways of working so they can earn more to provide for their families, and new ways of positioning themselves so they can impact more people and change more lives.

What’s more, you didn’t have to buy if it wasn’t for you. You had full control over how much you wanted to listen to and how much you wanted to invest. You stuck around if you were being served. You left if you weren’t.

And I didn’t see anyone leave.

Here are the five big things I took away from this sales conference:

1. Own Your Worth

If you don’t believe in YOU, why would anyone else believe in you?

One of Lisa’s influential messages is, “Don’t be a Walmart when you’re really a Nordstrom’s”.  If you tell people you’re a Walmart, they will buy from you as a Walmart. But if you are selling Nordstrom quality products inside a Walmart, your clients will wonder why you’re doing that and not believe in the quality of your product – that being you.

Do you believe in you? If so, others will too.

2. Inspire Others With Your Message

I paid to attend this event in Los Angeles and learned a lot. Whether or not I purchased more while I was there was entirely up to me.

I left inspired by what many of the speakers had to say. If you focus on your message and the impact you provide your clients, others will see that and the right people will hear it. Inspire – don’t sell – and any sales transaction will feel like a win-win situation.

You get to impact others the way you know you can, and your clients will benefit from what you are offering.

3. Be the Value You Are Selling

Own what you are selling. Believe it. Be it. There won’t be any question in the value of working with you if your potential clients see the value for themselves.

Show people the value. Demonstrate it. Share your ideas. Invite them to an event you’re hosting. Invite them to speak with someone you have worked with before.

How can you bring value in advance of the client making the decision? The answer will be different depending on what your business is about.

4. Encourage Your Clients To Rise To You

If your potential clients don’t see the value in working with you, lowering your prices won’t help.

Certainly, there’s a line between what is considered good value by the market and what is considered to be good value by your clients. If your potential clients see the value in working with you, they will rise to you. Stooping to them won’t help anyone. You’ll feel under-valued, and the service they likely need from you won’t be appreciated by them if they didn’t have to pay fair value for it.

When your clients pay, they pay attention. When it’s free or low-priced, it’s valued as free or low-priced. Do you want to be known as a “bargain” service provider or one who is well-valued? I know what I would pick.

5. Watch The Transformation Unfold

As your clients invest in you and your service, even the very act of making that decision can be transformative in many ways.

The freedom of no longer agonizing with the decision, the anticipation of having their problem solved, and the opportunity to step into something better and new for them are all reasons to get excited.

The more your clients invest in what you have to offer, the greater the transformation they will experience.

The same actions produce the same results.
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To your success, in business, and in life,

Susan Elford

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