2022 May Go Down In History As The Year Of Reinvention

The signs of being stuck in a rut and needing to reinvent yourself are subtle at first.

The annoyance with your daily routine.

The reluctance to get to work on time.

The frustration with not being able to accomplish all that you want in your current role.

The desire to do MORE with your time during the day and to have more of an IMPACT.

And the steady commitment to your responsibilities that leave you feeling tired instead of energized, like they used to.

Can you relate?

Many will choose to power through those last few years of work at this tired pace. However, if this is already happening early in your career – or you can afford to take pause and review what’s getting you up each morning, I invite you to consider a reinvention.

What would it be like if things were different?

What would it be like if you were valued for the contributions you were making?

What if you were once again excited to get up and get to work – whatever that work may be – every day?

McKinsey has named 2021 as a “Turning Point.”  A year of reinvention and opportunity, looking forward to a new future.

In a recent article, McKinsey named 12 key points that identify opportunities in the economy of the future.

The pandemic has reset the ways in which we live, work, and do business, accelerating some long-term shifts and setting new changes in motion.

12 of the most thought-provoking charts from McKinsey’s Global Institute Research in 2021 included:

  1. Business shifts made during the pandemic could yield greater productivity
  2. Consumer preferences altered by Covid-19
  3. Asia’s consumption is rising
  4. Prioritizing your health can deliver economic benefits
  5. The world is wealthier than ever but much of that wealth is stored in bricks and mortar
  6. Business contribution to GDP per capita has tripled since 1960
  7. Intangibles drive productivity and growth
  8. Sustainability can deliver big benefits to the economy
  9. Covid-19 imposed major changes in the workplace
  10. Rejuvenating traditional sectors can be an engine of growth
  11. China’s evolving economy requires a different mix of workforce skills
  12. Inclusion MATTERS

The point I would like to make relevant to you is that much has changed since the pandemic. 

The world of work has changed.

Economic opportunity has shifted.

People, organizations and workplaces the world over are making shifts in how they do things.

It makes perfect sense that your desires and preferences may be shifting too.

  • Your desire to work more from home. 
  • The realization that it can be done. 
  • That life as we knew it is now different, and that 
  • There is an opportunity where we did not see it before.

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Workplaces are now open to change. A combination of remote and in-person work IS possible. Making an impact with your ideas is within the realm of possibility. You CAN make a difference.

10 signs it’s time to make a change:

  1. You worked from home during the pandemic and you don’t want to go back to an in-person workplace
  2. You learned that you prefer having more flexibility and autonomy with your work.
  3. You now know that you can be motivated enough to be highly productive at home
  4. You are completely uninspired by your current role
  5. The organization you work for is not aligned with your values and vision
  6. You feel like your impact is lost in the organization you work for
  7. You don’t feel appreciated by your peers and co-workers
  8. You believe you can do your work better if you are less constrained by the way your company does them
  9. You feel truly called to help others in a whole new way
  10. You feel strongly that you need to shake things up to get re-inspired but don’t know where to start 

If the whisper in your heart is calling you now, I invite you to listen to it. Fan the flames of possibility and explore what it is saying.

The time may be now to make that change.

This article shares a few things you can do right away, with my favourites being:

  1. Take stock – and accept your current situation. (what gets measured gets managed)
  2. Write down what’s going well – and what isn’t (the more data you have and clear content the easier you’ll be able to identify the real issues.)
  3. Review the highs and lows of your career (or situation) so far – what do you really love and what were colossal challenges? Note what you really loved and notice what each of those scenarios had in common.
  4. Identify ONE thing you can do tomorrow to gather more information or make a baby step towards a better ideal future.
  5. Give yourself a break. Do you need more self-care? Are you being overly hard on yourself? The whole world has been going through a challenging time, perhaps talking with a friend who can relate will help.

And if you’d like support or a sounding board to fan those flames of desired change even bigger, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m taking applications now for my Four-month private 1:1 Aligned Clarity Intensive. Book a complimentary strategy session with me here to learn more.

What would be possible if you listened to that quiet whisper of your heart and explored what may be calling you next?

To your success, in business, in your career and in life,

Susan Elford

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